What if?

By Buzybee · Oct 3, 2014 · ·
  1. Buzybee
    Continuing I've come to conclusion that Posessions are part of the problem, we want more, more and then we are tied down to them.

    Keeping some essentials and donating and selling some for some $ to help finance the bee magical mystery of life.

    Is the freeing of ties to Posessions liberating - any comments out there? Don't get me wrong I still need hot showers, not able to leave that habit behind.

    Writing my resignation/reterirement is proving harder than I thought, but I want to slip quietly under the radar!

    Any one out there got any experiences/advice to share - all comments considered.

    buzybee x

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  1. Waiting For The Fall
    I've said "what if?" so many times in my life, it seems to have been a ruling compass in my next direction. Always curious and tiring so easily when the current job seemed ho-hum. Over the years I've had six or seven career changes, and it usually was because I wanted to try something that was new and seemed interesting. You can put your life on the line doing this, and I have. But, I have always eaten, had a roof over my head, and had a fun ride.

    I'm 70 years old now and semi-retired. I was 64 when I decided I had enough of the corporate world, went into the Social Security office and applied. Two months later, when my benefits started coming in, I resigned from my position during a meeting where the b.s. was getting too deep. I'd had enough. Two months later I applied for my first post-retirement gig and am currently enjoying my second one, where the satisfaction is unparalleled.

    When I was 68, a big "what if?" came along. I had the chance to try meth, and I thought, "what if I wait until I'm 80 before trying it and I like it?" You know I'd be kicking myself in the pants. So I did, and I'm glad I did. I've used responsibly, have taken a couple of mini vacations from it (on one now), held down my jobs and since I traveled a lot during my careers, am quite content to live in my dream house.

    When I'm not at work, I'm working around the house, but most often living in the meth section of Drugs-Forum, where there appear to be many (younger--heck, they're all younger than me) people in need of information and help.

    I am currently at one of the happiest points in my life. I have no regrets for anything I did in my life, as it was one of the richest educations I could imagine. As long as you have the spirit for adventure, then you should sample it, and if you like it, keep doing more. My life hasn't been boring and yours doesn't have to be either. People need to challenge themselves to expand their wisdom and knowledge and share it with others.

    When there's a fork in the road on your life's journey, look for the one that offers you something that will make great memories and make your life full. My best wishes to you on your new endeavors.
  2. Buzybee
    Well what a pleasant surprise it was to read your inspiring story. It hasn't been exactly a positive response to our intending change of lifestyle from employers, friends etc"..

    But you are so right we are so sick of the bs! Now it's just the packing, deciding what's important and what could be better used by someone else.

    I also feel more confident on doing something different and not so worried about being well let's face it 55. But I come to conclusion at least don't have to consider children and need for conformity, is this a middle aged hippy coming to the take over my life of always doing the right thing, being the dependable one ( not including the secret life of tweakdom ! )

    So you have Inspired us to stop excuses, next week, year etc and go for it, now I'm looking at the fork in our journey as something positive whatever comes we have each other, the DF, our little dog and a future to look forward to not this numbing existence.

    Will update further on the packup, finding a renter for our house and if we can be just a little like your example of managing our lifestyle happy ...... Thanks from Buzybee and co xx
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