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What is higher than a kite?

By Tinkerblah · Dec 26, 2015 · ·
  1. Tinkerblah
    Is it a cloud? A satellite? The moon? Crap I don't know but it's me. Will I get control of me? Can I get in control of me? Crap, do I even want to get I in control of me? Who the eff have I become? I don't even recognize myself anymore...


    Your just in training little one good luck. They will cum a time where your just using so your not sick .. I am a working addict buy far the worst is booze.I drank a gallon aday for five yrs When I was young handsome dude I was banging 1/4 7 grams aday.6 yrs. black tar smack 21/2 grams a day. Ya I had it going on lol. Dig deep and hold on , as long as there is breath there is life. I whatched many brothers friends take there lives .because of this .there is always hope.Its Ill shut up. Good luck
  2. Tinkerblah
    SAWPLZ - all I can say is it's never enough...
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