What is it to be a Human Being nowadays ?

By nofunclub · Mar 19, 2016 · ·
  1. nofunclub
    The sheeple of planet Tellus WILL NOT COMPLAIN
    until they realize that being DEAD
    is even more BORING than their lives was.

    Nowadays, as pain seems to be the best known of emotions,
    I have to ask my self:"What IS life really ?"
    Is it only the time it takes to die?
    just a quick trip from mindless euphoric conception
    towards the burning flames of a crematorium?

    Am I a Consumer ?,
    a citizen ?,
    or a Human Being?
    The info-leaflet never explained this properly.
    All it said was:
    "Follow orders
    Do as you are told
    Obey the LAW
    Don't do things differently
    Don't be a fool
    Don't question authorities
    Don't ask why
    And don't mess it all up by waking up.

    Express yourself in what you buy
    Identify yourself with what you wear
    and believe me when I tell you that
    true freedom is only achievable through Apathy.
    the freedom of Not Having to Choose,
    not having a choice "

    There must be more to life than this.
    I refuse to be told that this is all life has to offer.
    I refuse to do what I'm told
    I refuse to be afraid

    It's just against my Human Nature.

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  1. detoxin momma
    a person is 'judged' by their questions in life, not their answers....so i've been told, and actually believe now.

    what is to be human? to love, to forgive, to accept things the way they are, to change only what is beneficial to change, to live by a decent moral belief system, to try and improve on any and everything we can, to love ourselves, and to accept that there is no such thing as perfect...we are perfect the way we are that is....

    life is never taking anything for granted,and being truly grateful for what you have.appreciating the smallest beauties and gifts in life.

    when we take the moral belief system away, we have nothing left.
    everything falls back to nature..
    the only thing we know for certain is, Life finds a way...
  2. Burnt Mindedness
    Humans are interesting. Yes, I am one but I have thought about human nature a lot. We are basically mutated monkeys with large brains with a sense of self awareness. We have as much meaning as the ant on the side walk the lion in the jungle but we have this ego that tell us we are important. Life is meaningless be cause the chaotic harmony of the of nature accidentally created life in its drive to equilibrium or 0 energy in the universe.

    Yes, we are a clump of atoms with a sense of self awareness.
    yes, life has no meaning.
    Yes, ants are as important as humans.
    Yes, your perspective is reality.

    Reality is your perspective. you are in your brain and eyes are the same to the brain as your hands. That are just a piece of your body fulfilling a purpose. your and manipulate the world around you and your eyes send pictures to your brain and that is what you see. the processed data sent from your eyes to your brain. Perspective is all the data sent to your brain and your perspective is how you process the world and the truths you hold.

    I have said similar things yo friend and a lot of people find this depressing. But that means reality is your own, your are truly the creator of your reality and that you can do what ever you want in life. Im not trying to preach some secret bull crap. Its more nike in that "Just Do It" is the best way to describe it. Obviously staying with in your own morals.I believe morals are inherently in humans but thats a different conversation.

    Ha sorry for the long reply
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