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  1. NERO420
    I talk for living. Which is ironic because I don't talk if I'm not working. So I'm falling back into my quiet tendencies again. Yet, I have a new pattern occurring. My mind is constantly working on many theories throughout the day. That I will be quiet for several days and then explode with communication. Keep in mind I am staying clean. Honestly I am. Everyone keeps telling me I am talking so fast they have a hard time understanding me. But I feel as I'm talking normally at a nice pace. So when I do slow my speach down I feel as tho I am talking ridiculously slow. But they tell me that is a normal speed. How can that be? I understand time is an illusion and relative to the observer. Is my mind really working that fast? Am I spiralling out theoretical control? I love to theorize and discuss deeper meanings to how life is.


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