What is Your Happiness (or swiy's) Today?

  1. ScorpioSunshine
    I've been kicking around, getting ready for tomorrow. Yes, I'm doing the Thanksgiving dinner and will have family and friends over. Honestly, my mind is just not on it. It's in a very different place. :s

    I'm just not feeling it. I want to see my family ....I very much want to see my mom, but my brain can't stay where it "should" be.

    Anyway ... there was something today that just brightened me, put a smile on my face, and made me feel really happy. Something very simple .... a bright spot on what feels like a blemished outlook right now:


    Wearing those is what made me happy today. :laugh: A peek at the feet, and everything is neat ;)

    So what's your little bit of joy today?

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  1. teddybearpicnics
    swims little bit of joy is waiting to pick him up to go out and get a little glassine bag. but also seeing swims family and talking to his younger cousins that for some reason admire him was nice too.
  2. ScorpioSunshine
    Nice! :) Family always brings swim a smile, too.

    Swim's joy today was watching her mother laugh as swim encouraged her black lab to pounce on her Jack Russell terrier. Watching those two play makes swim so happy; watching her mother laugh makes swim even happier.

    Swim was sad her mother couldn't visit longer, but swim had a wonderful day. Hope swiy did, too!
  3. savingJenniB
    Pink tennies ~ very kewl!

    Funny! My Aunt just bought a new pair of UGGs and they make her happy, too.

    They are tall and gold ~ kinda a bronze gold.
    And they feel so warm and cozy.

    Women can get high on shoes! lol
    And not just the ones with heels.
    The best place for high heels is in the air.
  4. Ilsa
    heh heh...animals are great for maintaining sanity in the worst of times. swim's cats are great for that (speaking of pouncing). today is the weekend and so warrants some recreation ;) as well. it's finally becoming a comfortable, weekends-only routine for swim, whereas before it's been a struggle to hold off, thinking about it constantly, etc. swim is happy and releived about that for sure. hope swiy's turkey was good...
  5. teddybearpicnics
    definitly did...swim never got the bag but he just drank absinthe instead...swim loves watching his dog play as well, at work tonight he took home about 2lbs or veal scraps for his doggy. she loves me.
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