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  1. Motorhead
    What sentence for marijuana seed dealer?

    Is he a hardened on-line marijuana dealer or an enterprising entrepreneur?

    A Montreal judge will decide and sentence him in the way he sees fit.

    The Crown says Richard Hratch Bagdadlian knew exactly what he was doing when he broke the law and wants him to serve five years behind bars.

    The RCMP arrested him for exporting and importing marijuana seeds on the Web.

    Investigators say the company got 30 orders a day, at 100 dollars per order, buying and selling seeds all over the world.

    His company Heaven's Stairway made as much as 800-thousand dollars in gross revenues in only one year with Bagdadlian pocketing about 150-thousand of that.

    The 41-year-old Montreal man pleaded guilty to the charges.

    But during his sentencing hearing, Bagdadlian insisted it was all above board: registering the company, hiring workers, shipping his goods in a transparent fashion, filing tax returns, the whole nine yards.

    His lawyer says his client believed it was a legit venture, wasn't doing anything under the radar and should not get jail time, but rather a community sentence.

    Shuyee Lee
    Oct 27, 2009


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