What Swim is doing with his life.

By N0ly · Jul 12, 2008 · ·
  1. N0ly
    Nothing. My friend pink is finding himself in sort of a rut here lately. A good friend of his who also sells lovely things just moved in. He deals only with weed and psychedelics, this has been a good thing and a bad thing. Swim is not having to spend so much money for things but they are always around. He is finding that there may be a problem with being able to get acid when ever he wants.

    Pink is currently without a job living in his girlfriends apartment. He has applied to many different positions at many different retail outlets with no apparent interest on their part. sadly he is looking at wally world as a feasible means of employment. eeeheheh.

    Is there even such a thing as psychedelic addiction? I dont see why not pink has tried just about all the drugs in the book and psychedelics are by far for him the best feeling most euphoric and all around just the shit. what will happen if he continues at the rate he is going. In the last month alone he has tripped at least 7 times. he has forgotten the exact amount. days are starting to blur, mind is more scattered than his normal scatteredness. aspergers becoming very prevalent, even starting to take a toll on the relationship. Not even sure what having aspergers means to him, wasn't aware of it till recently. pink has always been diagnosed ADHD, it wasnt till his girlfriend who has an autistic brother pointed out a few key symptoms that separate the two.

    Pink isnt even sure if he is tripping very often or if its responsible drug use, Monday was the last trip that he had. He is unable to stand watching people trip without him.

    well at this point pink is in a kratom stupor and is just typing to type g'nght clvlnd

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  1. Metomni
    SWIM went through a phase like this during the christmas holidays this past year, from like Thanksgiving until a little past New Years. Looking back, yes he was using irresponsibly, but in a way that's only because of what his actual views are. He wants each experience to be entirely unique and special and because of this he likes to wait good amounts of time between trips. He forgot all about this, and other things, during his psychedelic binge.

    While it was fun at the time, there were lots of things going on that were covered up by his thoughtless ingestion of these things night after night. When done quite often it really does become an addiction in SWIM's mind and life becomes quite different, he supposes it's just whether or not you like that new life or not.

    SWIM's afraid he really liked that life and screwed it up royally. :(

    May SWIY do better friend.
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