What the hell was that last post about!?

By cbabycee · Nov 25, 2015 ·
  1. cbabycee
    Jesus christ i just read my blog what the hell was i on?

    It says i was 9 days clean which is a laugh as i used on day 6 or 7

    Oh well. Im going to put it down to diazepam as that stuff even at 2mg sends me loooooopy

    This will be more positive and honest.

    I am 9 days clean from all opiates. I used gapepebtin for 4 days to get clean. I feel awesome.

    Heres to DF. Heres to anyone out there reading this . Its a long hard road this recovery but its worth it. I know it is.

    I wish i could hug each of you and wave a wand and make it better. But that would be cheating you from suceeding by yourself:)

    Anyway happy happy thoughts :)

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