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By Heretic.Ape. · Aug 12, 2007 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Hello everyone. As usual I have been looking over my list of sources and sage feeds daily to look at what is going on in the world, focusing as usual on drug issues and the insanity known as government policy. I could post a bunch of articles like I have a dreadful tendency to do but, you know, I can sum it all up fairly shortly, lol: everything is the same.
    The DEA is committing atrocities against medical marijuana patients; cities here and there are considering needle exchange programs that could potentially save many lives and most people are saying it's a horrible idea--letters to editors are being written about how we cannot encourage dopers to commit their horrible crimes and tear away the moral fabric of society and it would probably (insinuation) be better to allow AIDS and such to continue rather than give the impression of being soft on drugs; thousands of people are being sent to jail; arguments are being made about how dangerous marijuana is and how it will make you a crazy bloodthirsty psychopath who eats christian babies for breakfast; every substance that could possibly be used for something worthwhile for therapy, recreation (god forbid) or anything other than making vast sums of money for the industries that have proper lobbying resources are being examined to see how we can stop people from using them by making criminals out of those who use them, and such substances that are not already outlawed are in the process of being banned; countries all over the world are sucking amerika's cock to get funding for the alleged purpose of fighting drugs which will most likely be used for other purposes such as maintaining regimes that will put foreign investors interests over those of the peoples of said countries; having fun and trying to expand your mind is still an offense beyond redemption; people are still writing great articles about better ways to deal with the various issues of drug policy--these articles will not be read by anybody other than those who already agree.
    That is your update on drugs in the news this week.

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  1. yamman13
    Swim still thinks hes missing something. Why is it that governments waste so much money on the war against drugs, when we all know its a victimless crime, when they could be spending it on something useful like the national health service. Is their something the public find appealing about the war on drugs that keeps the government popular?
  2. Nagognog2
    Pssssst: They're all insane. Shhhhhh!
  3. Heretic.Ape.
    There are many reasons, all having to do with power and money. The answer to that if very complex and convoluted but here are a few things to toss around in your head for starters. One place to start when considering America is the fact that the drug war has proven very valuable in expanding the federal power since there are not many areas of policy that do not fall under state jurisdiction. Also consider that it is very important for a government to find a group to demonize to avoid taking responsibility for the ills of society and to "crack down on" to look like they are doing something productive to protect society. Drugs also have been used very successfully since the '60's in America to take down political dissidents. Also most drug policy can be traced back to ways of persecuting minorities, or as means of protecting an influencial industry, and the list goes on. None of it has to do with the actual damage that drugs do. It is much more complex than that.
  4. yamman13
    Thanks, swim knew it had to be more complicated than that, swim just wasn't sure what exactly. Ahh that's frustrating, drugs are possibly the most fascinating aspect of science in swims opinion, that taking one pill can drastically alter your entire sensory perception and change the way you think. Any ways swim'll stop rambling.
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