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What’s the Connection Between Magic Mushrooms, Elves and Extraterrestrials?

  1. Phungushead
    Many people report that hallucinogenic mushrooms allow them to communicate with extraterrestrials, nature spirits, or God. Should we take these people seriously?

    Mysterious references to elves, fairies, spirits, extraterrestrials, and deities appear repeatedly throughout magic mushroom experience reports.

    Many people report that an intelligent, living spirit resides inside the flesh of the sacred mushrooms--which contain the potent psychedelic substance psilocybin--and that under the enchantment of the mushroom, this spirit speaks to them in their native tongue.

    A substantial number of people believe that they’ve held compelling conversations with this ancient mushroom entity, which, some say, claims to be extraterrestrial in origin, the voice of the Earth, or the mind of God.

    The late ethnobotanist Terence McKenna built a career largely upon the seemingly far-fetched notion that psilocybin mushrooms are not only a chemical message from another star system, but that they can serve as a portal for telepathic communication with our Heavenly neighbors.

    McKenna speculated that tightly-insulated and well-protected mushroom spores could travel across the vast expanse of interstellar space by hitching a ride inside of comets, seeding planets, forming symbiotic relationships with technologically-sophisticated primates, and spreading their mycelium network of higher consciousness across the universe.

    The somewhat less radical idea that life itself spreads across the universe in a similar fashion--through the “fertilization” of warm, egg-like ocean planets, by chemical amino acid chains inside of sperm-like comets--was originally proposed by Nobel laureate Francis Crick.

    Crick, who co-discovered the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule--a major contribution to biology, that advanced the hereditary science of genetics considerably--called this theoretical process of life propagating itself through the universe “directed panspemia.”

    The mushroom reports of communications with various forms of non-human intelligence resemble experiences that people have had with DMT (dimethyltryptamine, a naturally occurring psychedelic molecule, chemically similar to psilocybin).

    In laboratory settings, subjects under the influence of DMT commonly describe themselves as being studied, or experimented on, by highly-advanced, extraterrestrial, insectoid scientists.

    These incredible, alien abduction-like experiences reported on DMT both resemble and differ from the powerful “entity” encounters that are commonly reported on ayahuasca journeys--experiences with the hallucinogenic jungle brew, that has been used in the Amazon for centuries, during shamanic healing rituals.

    Ayahuasca blends plants that contain DMT and a chemical known as an “MAO-inhibitor”--specifically, “harmaline”--that not only makes the DMT orally-active, but also changes the nature of the experience, by extending its duration, and slowing down the speed of experience.

    Interestingly, the DMT experience with harmaline often becomes less frightening, and the “entities” that people report encountering seem less extraterrestrial and alien, less mechanical and insectoid, and more like helpful, healing, teaching spirits from our own earth.

    In this respect, I’ve noticed that magic mushroom reports tend to be similar to both DMT and ayahuasca experiences.

    It seems that some people on psychedelic mushrooms report extraterrestrial communications from futuristic biomechanical beings in faraway star systems, while others report contact with bygone ancestors, animal, and plant spirits from species native to the earth’s biosphere.

    Irish and Celtic literature suggest that some people have also long reported encounters with “fairies” or “elves” while under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    More than a few scholars have pointed out the similarities between old European fairy adduction “myths” and recent alien abduction reports.

    In my previous columns about mysterious, unexplained phenomena, like Bigfoot sightings and Crop Circles, I theorize that some of this phenomena may be understood by considering the possibility that there might be an advanced race of otherworldly beings, historically referred to as “daimons,” toying around with our evolutionary development.

    For whatever reason, it sometimes appears as though a race of highly-evolved pranksters may be orchestrating strange, unexplained phenomena in our world, that appears “paranormal” to us, perplexing our best minds, and rendering our cherished scientific theories and religious beliefs inadequate.

    It may be that these beings have been interacting with us, throughout our history, by providing us with compelling evidence for strange phenomena--that stands outside the boundaries of our known science--yet, maddeningly, because of our limited mindsets and incomplete paradigms, never allowing us to witness any evidence that would offer definitive proof of what’s actually happening.

    In other words, it may be possible that, like crop formations, sasquatch sightings, cattle mutilations, and alien abductions, telepathic communications with the mushroom beings could be just one more example of how these hidden interdimensional tricksters are playfully having their way with us.

    I’ve been reading neurochemist Dennis McKenna’s recently-released autobiography, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, these past few weeks with great delight, savoring the insights from his psychedelic journeys, and relishing the descriptions of his mind-bending adventures with his late brother, ethnobotanist Terence McKenna.

    Among the many fascinating mental excursions explored in this extraordinary book, Dennis McKenna delves into ideas about the intelligence that appears to reside within magic mushrooms, and it’s hard to know what to make of these consistent and uncanny reports.

    Since 2005, Johns Hopkins University neuroscience researcher Roland Griffiths has been studying the clinical effects of psilocybin, the psychoactive component of the magic mushroom.

    Amidst a wealth evidence for psilocybin’s potential therapeutic value, Griffiths’ research has confirmed that religious experiences can sometimes be achieved with psilocybin that are indistinguishable from those reported by mystics throughout history.

    Griffiths is currently conducting “an anonymous, web-based survey to characterize difficult or challenging experiences that people sometimes have on psilocybin mushrooms (i.e., “bad trips,” whether the person later regards them negatively or positively).”

    Griffiths believes that “this new survey is an important extension of our research because of the potential therapeutic applications for psilocybin that are currently being investigated.”

    To participate in the survey, see: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/bt5

    February 7, 2013

    David Jay Brown
    Santa Cruz Patch
    Image: Janett Graden


  1. Maranatha
    I fail to see what's so "far-fetched" about this idea. There's WAY more going on in our world than even the most imaginative people have ever dreamed. This is the point I was trying to make in my "DXM and the Alien Conspiracy" thread here:

    The Gnostic Handbook, which can be downloaded for free at the following link, explains in great detail about these ideas, only without involving psychedelic drugs.


    People really need to wake up and take life seriously.
  2. ratgirldjh
    Me and 2 friends had an interesting experience on mushrooms.

    We all 3 saw salamanders crawling on the wall! And there were 3 of them!

    Here is the thing - I saw them orange with purple markings, my friend saw them purple with orange markings and our other friend saw them orange and purple but a mixture of what we saw - one of each and one that was a mixture of everything.

    We knew they were fire elementals and figured that they were always there and that we were just in the right 'space' to see them.

    No idea why we all saw them differently.

    We all felt lucky and blessed to have had a glimpse at 'the world behind the veil'.

    To this day salamanders are special to me.
  3. Potter
    Maranatha, the entire crux of that DXM joke is someone getting trolled by some guy in a store he asked a ridiculous question to. I want you to seriously read this and look at me with a straight face and tell he the poster didn't set himself up to be trolled:

    It's a fucking joke! He went and showed he was crazy to some bored delivery guy, begged to be lied to, and that is EXACTLY what the guy did. I used to tell all sorts of crazy stories to the crazy people who would come into the various places I've worked.

    I remember this one guy walked, ordered some coffee, and started going on about "how he had no arms or legs"..."that he was really a floating torso, the gov't had attached electrodes up to his arms, legs, and penis and zapped them off, and had a satellite that projected holographic replacements for him." We just took it from there and said "Oh yeah, part of the new super-soldier program, soldiers without legs don't step on landmines, shoot son, in a few years they'll have you back in service training new recruits, you're the wave of the future!" He had been really depressed when he came in and left with a smile on his face and pep in his step (or holographic simulation of step).

    I won't even get into the guy who would come and talk about Opium was really Old Plum Wine, and how pouring coffee back and forth between two squared paper cups 100 times would turn it into potent drugs. I'd spend all week writing stories to tell him.

    One crazy druggy getting trolled, is not grounds for "Way more going on in this world", not by a long shot.
  4. Maranatha
    That story was only one small incident out of probably thousands throughout history, and I only posted that because it was interesting, not because it proves anything. The proof is all through many of the books I've mentioned and people's personal experiences. The Book linked to above, starting on page 41, explains in great detail the Truth of what's happening in this Universe. Denying the reality all around you is delusional and escapist. I, for one, choose not to live a life of ignorance and denial. Jesus said, "The Truth shall set you free." Indeed it will, if you don't willingly deny it and run from it.
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