When love is found in a pill

By chillinwill · Oct 18, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    ECSTASY dealer Elijah is not worried about what happens to his customers. An enthusiastic salesman, he sings his products' praises.

    "When you drink, you get sloppy and sick but when you do E (ecstasy) it is a big upper and you're alert and you have so much more confidence," he said.

    "Pills are a big escape for people and the loved-up feeling they give you is a hugeeuphoria.

    "Maybe it's a love that some people don't get anywhere else."

    Only 18, Elijah, not his real name, said ecstasy was the most popular and available drug.

    Both teenage boys and girls bought drugs from him but males took more and with worse effects. "The people that buy the drugs are normally between 17 and 25 and you can pick up a pill for about $25," he said.

    "Guys really hit the pills hard, they smash it and might double-drop (take two pills at once).

    "The girls are really into it too."

    LSD, heroin, cocaine and speed are also popular with Adelaide nightclub goers but are more commonly used in private groups of friends.

    Elijah said selling drugs was lucrative because it was "quick and easy money".

    "There isn't too much to it," he said.

    Elijah told The Advertiser he was a low-level drug dealer who was at the bottom of a long list of manufacturers and drug kingpins. He said he made around $800 a weekend from his illegal trade.

    "Strikers (a type of ecstasy pill) are what I sell and they are really popular. Ecstasy is really cheap and easy to get a hold of," he said.

    "I found that drug dealing was a natural progression from drug taking and the reason why I do ecstasy is because it's so much cheaper."

    Elijah said if he "pushed hard" he could easily sell 100 pills over a weekend.

    "But I do have friends that can push up to a couple of hundred if they are just selling," he said.

    Ben Harvy
    October 19, 2009
    Adelaide Now

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  1. Smirnoff
    well this guy has good arguments to defend his point....
  2. Samadhi
    'if he 'pushed hard' he could easily move 100 pills in a weekend...'
    what a jack-booted hustler... :laugh:

    This kid is the last bastard I want talking to the media about ecstasy. Nothing the public respects more than a pointless hustler and I can see how this kid is furthering the medical agenda of MDMA as he slangs with no knowledge of the contents of his e-bomb.

    If someone charged swims cat 25$ for a dose of shady e-bomb he'd laugh at them, was that a joke?
  3. jgarlopa
    It's not that uncommon to see them cost that much in many parts of USA either. Cowboy is glad that he lives in LA, where they are cheaper than in many, more isolated places.
  4. Vonn
    ugh they can cost a lot more than that here in aus.. which sucks because the quality has dropped enormously.
  5. g666d
    3x that in some parts of the world... lol. But at least, unlike aus, it is the real thing
  6. chinpokomaster
    I remember when 2 pills in this country would get SWIM very high.

    I'm not gonna discuss prices, though, like the rest of you lot! :p
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