When Moonlight Shadows Insecurities...

By iceflame · Dec 28, 2011 ·
  1. iceflame
    Thought I would write something less gritty than my 1st entry, as I'm generally not that uptight.
    Something to reflect on for new year, when I'm trying to not block the past, present, and future with benzos and opiates.

    Restless Warrior
    Remember those whom have warmed you deep within-
    On days when you shy away from this world.
    Remember those you have shared your secrets & fears with-
    And still they remained and loved you more.

    Remember the shared dreams under the night sky-
    When the moonlight shadowed insecurities.
    Remember those whom you love-
    Return love unconditionally.

    Walk tall and breathe the essence of your freedom-
    Let not your fears portray you.
    Peace, truth, and beauty have been shown unto you-
    A heart once empty now rejoices in life.

    Give thanks and praise.

    Just giving myself a reminder of intensely beautiful emotions, and permission to feel them.

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