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  1. Relapse_Rollercoaster
    It has been awhile since I have been on...I am nearing the end of a very intense semester and good news is I am #10 out of 35 in my class with an A :) bad news is I was told at the end of my convalescent home clinical that I may not get the 18.5 college credits I busted my ass for....why you ask? I am the cheese that stands alone in California. This southeastern girl doesn't fit in :(, and doesn't understand a flat out lack of humanity and understanding, because money is more important. Don't get me wrong I understand its importance and necessity, but don't agree with making it the #1 issue before people.

    I will tell you the story.....on my second day at the facility I saw a confused upset older woman looking for a nurse and brought her to the LVN on duty , within 5 min I saw her doing the same thing again. I stopped and asked if she was a resident and she explained that she brought her husband of 54 years here to stay today because he is suffering from dementia and I can no longer care for him alone. She also told me she felt guilt and I empathized with and validated her feelings. I was concerned she was about to drive in that condition and she said she took the bus. As we talked we were walking to the corner and saying goodbye , after that I returned inside the facility and told my instructor what I saw and the actions I took. I was sure to be the best student ever....lol. I was taken back as she looked at me with concern and stated that if the lady would have tripped and sued the school could be sued and lose funding.I asked her if we were given any rule that would let me know it was against the rules and what I should have done instead. I was told there wasn't a written rule and I should have led her to a nurse. I am sure you know I explained that I had done that first , the nurse blew her off. I went on with clinicals thinking it was done ...lesson learned! Nope I may not pass. The weekend before finals, really? There is no definative decision so I am left to torment myself over it and study...as if I needed anything else to think about.

    Being a person who struggles with substance abuse....well you can guess how I have been handling it....poorly thats how. Im so discouraged and very manic right now. The past few weeks were alot better but I feel like this has set me back a bit. It will pass like everything else but right now it's awful...

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  1. DocBrock
    A random act of kindness from a stranger can turn someones day around. It can turn their life around ( waves ).
    You did the right thing.
    Imagine her telling the tale of how you first took her to the duty nurse, who palmed her off, then you helped again. A little more personally and you did something no-one may have done for her in years. You listened.
    You did the right thing.
    I hope you pass. You've shown more with that one instance, that act of kindness, than some manage in their whole careers.
    You did the right thing.
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