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  1. chillinwill
    Because of the numerous media reports and typical Hollywood hype many close observers would immediately place the city of Los Angeles as America’s cannabis capital. Or maybe they’d guess that ever-cannabis tolerant San Francisco must be it. Possibly, ‘Oaksterdam’?

    But, they’d be wrong.

    Based on the size of the populations and number of reported medical cannabis dispensaries by each city’s respective City Council, America’s cannabis capital is….drum roll please….

    Los Angeles – 1,000 dispensaries for a population of 9,862,049 = 1 dispensary per 9,862 people

    Denver – 198 dispensaries for a population of 598,707 = 1 dispensary per 3,023 people

    By: Allen St. Pierre
    December 22, 2009
    NORML Blog


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