By nEone · Jul 20, 2008 ·
  1. nEone
    So - SWIM opted out on the Friday burn...which turned out to be a good thing because his morning was pretty much a cluster-fuck.

    And while the Kratom buzz is functional and energetic...it's not really the kind of mind/body space that promotes multi-tasking. It's more appropriate for doing one boring thing for a long period of time. And preferably not one where names and numbers are involved.

    SWIM rewarded himself for fighting the urge with a big fat grapefruit and a healthy dose of Maeng Da mixed with some premium Bali today.

    And he's feeling pretty good about that.

    Now - will he repeat the experiment? Yeah - almost 100% yeah. There are days when he can see how a little teaspoon of kratom could make the hours fly past and the people less irritatingly self-involved and pretentious. In some ways, a little less focus traded for a little more ability to deal with jackassery is not a bad trade off.

    But Friday wasn't the day to test that.

    Just like some days a pitcher of margarita at lunch is ok. Just like some days take one cup of coffee with cream and sugar, and others take three espressos, hot, black and shut-the-hell-up.

    Kratom has found a place is SWIM's life. Not like mushrooms or acid...but like wine, coffee, and Advil.

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