White collar work sucks

By Heretic.Ape. · Dec 4, 2008 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Work in general tends to be lame. Most of the work I have done in my life has been stuff along the lines of dishwashing, working at gas stations and assorted menial jobs. While I didn't necessarily enjoy these, I never really had a huge problem unless I hated my co-workers... in which case I would quit.
    My latest job is working in filing at a law firm. It seemed like a step up: it sounds more respectable and for the most part I don't mop up a bunch of shit. However there is one thing that sets this work way back: time draaaaaags on foreeeeeeever. I sit in front of a computer (something I normally enjoy, when at home with my feet propped up in comfy clothes and my cat on my lap and a glass of wine at hand) and do tedious repetative tasks all day. It's a decent job but it is hell.
    I find that I miss doing more physical repetative tasks such as stocking soda in the back of the walk-in fridge, singing stupid songs that I would make up. You can't act like an idiot in a law office, and acting like an idiot is what I do best.
    Also is the matter of wearing nice clothing. By nature I am somewhat of a slob. I'm the kind of person who wears the same thing out that I very well might go to bed in. Comfort is paramount in my clothes shopping requirements. I thought I would get used to wearing these uncomfortable button up shirts et cetera, but still after several months I tear off my clothes with joyous abandon as soon as I get home.
    Well, I guess I'll stop bitching for now. Shit, only 10 minutes have gone by since last I looked at the clock!

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  1. ScorpioSunshine
    :laugh: Awwww!

    I worked in a law firm years ago. I feel your pain! :laugh:
  2. Nature Boy
    It sounds pretty boring but if it pays well and doesn't invade your free time (like so many jobs do) then stick with it. Unless it's a job you have a real passion for, you work to live and you don't live to work. I'm not sure if it's the kind of job SWIM would enjoy. Boredom is fine as long as you get paid for it. SWIM's next job is likely to be an exam invigilator which is the epitome of boredom but the money is good.
  3. fnord
    The shirts are purposly tight/uncomfortablke. Thee designed the take blow flow away from your brain causeing you to loose mental function and thus make you incapable of questioning the status quo.
  4. guldenat
    fnord: If you are wearing shirts that cut off flow from your brain, you need a new fucking tailor. ;)
  5. fnord
    tailor? no haberdashers for this bloke,i shop at goodwill and never wear button up shirts or dress cloths!
  6. savingJenniB
    So you think those button down shirts suck?
    My Aunt says you should try pantyhose.
    Fucking pantyhose, close toed shoes (aka. pumps or heels) and the always encouraged blazer jacket
    to maintain a professional appearance.
    How fucking professional can anyone appear in a carpet lined cubicle?
    My Aunt vowed to never, ever where pantyhose again
    when she quit her corporate Hell job.
    (At least she wasn't bored)
    Underpanties either for that matter.

    Life's too short to be pimping your time to these monkeys. If they cannot hold your interest . . .
    or at least keep you busy enough that you day moves . . ..

    Get the Hell out H.Ape.
    Run Run Run for Your Life

    There are so many creative, interesting,
    passionate ways to earn a living.
    Do not settle.

    Food, shelter, status, money can all be replenished.
    Time once spent is gone forever.
  7. Ilsa
    yeah, i always worked in little family-type places before lab work came along....fortunately working in a university lab setting is pretty laid back--i can show tattoos, and there are more than a few people with piercings and dreadlocks. any chance you could get into a position in academia?
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