Whiteboy Dope

By Count Quagula · Oct 5, 2016 · ·
  1. Count Quagula
    "I've never been able
    to take a dose that is fatal.
    But the moment I'm sober
    my life is noticeably over..." - CQ

    We call it "Whiteboy" around here. A trademark term in the 702. Most tweakers from around the way relate this name to an overly strong, but smooth and tasty-toxic mess; just like old school crank or biker dope.

    This specific batch though, has such a unique taste and aroma. It's more sweet, pungent and potent then your everyday bag of dope. It's shit that will have you dry heaving after a huge bong rip because it's so strong and chemical-like, but delicious at the same time! Something like the cook's personal; a low yield but potent.

    Immediately after one puff (and experiencing that overpowering blow to the lungs) a smooth high then kicks in so graciously! I can actually feel myself getting high halfway through hitting the pipe. Never have I had dope that gave me a head change and butterfly's before I could take my lips off the end of the piece. It's such a rush after exhaling that it is impossible to explain. Closely resembling a rollercoaster ride. Going up and up, and even higher up in the air, until my neck hairs are standing tall! Lifting with it my whole demeanor and spirit right off the earth; all before dropping back down to the fucking ground (when I comedown)!

    I embrace every intoxicating moment of it. Letting my mind and body open up like a fresh wound. All worries I had when sober seem so trivial and unimportant when spun. That lethargic feeling now gone. And most of my problems have been forgotten about too. Because I get so sparked off this shit that I get stuck on every activity I participate in. Yesterday morning for instance, it took me 15 minutes to put a shirt on. I was trying to clean the house as I got dressed. And all I accomplished was wrecking my place even more and a backwards shirt. Is that not ridiculous! God is my witness, this recipe must be from the devil himself, because it's some of the most electrifying shit I've ever had...

    whiteboy dope!

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  1. DoctorWhiz
    That, my good sir, sounds like the less demanded dope cooked in the infamous method known as ‘Shake and Bake’. Now, the reason it has additional effects is due to impurities, just as the ol’ time dope of yesteryear. Ice is far more pure, the purest form yet in fact. With other methods the final step of purification is either skipped, undoable due to chemistry, unknown at the time, or simply the cook wants the impurities. It definitely sends a sonic boom throughout your body, and I always noted it for its sweet taste. Was a time not long ago that all you could get around Iowa was SnB. Now, theres just ice that is cut to almost garbage, and is becoming more and more common. Nowadays I’m saying the opposite, “Where dat f’kin duff at!?” The downside to left-in impurities, is it takes a bigger toll on your body and brain. ‘Faces of Meth’ anyone? Goddamn, you don’t see people that bad from doing crystal!
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