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By N0ly · Jul 1, 2008 · ·
  1. N0ly
    I am a chemistry nut so to speak or at least very interested in it. I am a musician, a loyal friend and a computer tech. I love to work in a theater, I am truly at home standing behind a sound board mid performance.

    Now who are all of you, I would love to make more friends on this site. I have no idea what to say to any of you, I have such a deep respect for most of the members here that I have avoided making more personal contact with anyone. so introduce yourselves if you want to I would love to chat.

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  1. TMM
    I am Spartacus.
  2. mickenator
    Hey mate Iam Mickenator, haven't been around for a while but now I'm back.
  3. Metomni
    Agreed about your sentiments regarding meeting people, this is a good idea.

    I consider myself intelligent, honest, direct, and sincere. I'm a wannabe musician who has realized my interest in playing guitar doesn't come close to my need to learn piano so I have recently changed my goals regarding music.

    I'm a golfer, and regardless of how lanky I am I love LOVE any and all contact sports. I used to be a runner until I started smoking, since I've stopped I've begun running again and have remembered how exhilirating it can be.

    I love technology, but currently do not have enough money to stock up on nice things, looking to get a nice laptop before I start grad school though.

    I'm into tattoos and body modification for mystical reasons and personal beliefs. I hate society due to the fact that it urges people to stop questioning everything.

    I love fantasy/sci-fi books and Cormac McCarthy. I love movies and also work at a theater currently. My favorite animals are wolves/dogs and horses. Though, my spirit animal is a snake even though I'm utterly terrified of them due to prior experiences while I was little and living in Texas and Florida.

    I could go on, but there's no need. Hit me up anytime if you'd like to chat.
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