Who Can You Trust These Days?

By salgoud · Apr 20, 2012 · ·
  1. salgoud
    No one.

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  1. Mindless
    I think of my karma as the experience I've created through my thoughts and actions. It is always a sad lesson when someone we trust misuses us, but I take great pride in being trustworthy myself. The world is full of unruly people, all I can do is try to maintain good intentions and acceptance of challenging situations.

    When it comes to something as special as a sponsor, it must be gutting to be so misused. I've no experience with AA or NA, but am confident you can find someone with sound boundaries and a good heart. It is hard to trust, but being trustworthy yourself will lay the foundation for the right relationship. Maybe just being kind, but a little wary, is a sensible balance for life in general. Its just that at times something special is beneficial, here's hoping we all find it.
  2. salgoud
    Check out the update Mindless. They are in jail. I got all my money back except $50. So they are looking at a Felony IV perhaps a Felony III, because it is a crime against a disabled person. They have crossed the line, and they are paying their dues for screwing with a good Man, me. Strange how Karma works, it almost isn't Karma for me, it is almost a curse that becomes on those who screw with me. Strange man, really strange.

  3. salgoud
    I hate to use that term, but they are incarcerated for something. Cece black has about 10 different charges ranging from a F4 to a parole violation, to about 5 traffic violations. I'm not sure what happened that night, but I assure all of you it is because what they did to me. God is a wonderful being, and he goes by the Old Testament. I'm sorry for you who believe in the new Testament. I believe in it also, but God is a being who exerts vengance on those who do not abide by His Commandments. One may believe in this or not. Personally, I have reservations and believe in Karma.

  4. Mindless
    Maybe God is smiting down those who do you wrong, in which case I'd better not step on your tail. I'd say the results of my actions ripen within me, creating my world, so when my enemies suffer it is the result of their own minds equally. It may seem significant to me that their suffering follows their behaviour towards me, but that's because I only see things from where I'm standing. It's a bit like the doppler effect in that sense.
  5. salgoud
    Yes, if you stood in my shoes, you would see what I cannot explain. It is not a co-incidence but a synchronicity. Something to be destined to happened. Out of my hands and in the control of a higher power. It has happened all my life, this is just recent examples. People can step on my tail, that's part of life, put to purposely hurt someone that is trying to help another and they screw you in some way or fashion then look out, the powers that be are there. I have witnessed it over 30 times. It seems to work for everyone, not just me, I'm not saying I am anyone special. I just go by my heart and instincts. My instincts aren't too good, so my heart is and believe me there are powers that guide us and others. Believe what one wants. I believe in protection for those that help the helpless. I don't have a clue who is in charge, maybe a person named God. Soon you will see an example of what I am talking about. It's unfortunate, but it is out of my hands. I cannot reverse it or undo what will happen. And I will have nothing to do with it. You will see. Not meaning you,

    I have had my share of bad luck also. That's because I wasn't an angel all my life and rejected spirituality. In the last two years, my spirituality has returned. No, I don't go to church, I'm pissed that the Roman Catholics (which I was brought up as) did not include the Gnostic Gospels in the Bible. Many millions of people have been killed in the name of Religion. I can't say I am a Religious fellow, but I believe in multiple, not parallel universes, and being with wisdom and intelligence beyond our wildest dreams. However, space has a speed limit: 186,000 miles/sec. Even the most intelligent beings have limitations. So, what is left, God. The miracle of life alone is proof of God. I believe when Steven Hawkings is on his death bed, he might change his mind about God.

  6. salgoud
    Mindless, thanks for the reiplies but i won't be on the site anymore. Enough is enough. Jealously is what's it all about. And I can't stand people who are jealous. They thinki this is a competition or something. It's just a site to help drug addicts out. I was one for 38 year, I guess over two yeara I had nothing to offer. So let them apologize or go one with there risky behaviour.

    Douglas Peterburs (FB)
  7. Mindless
    I'm sorry that you won't be visiting DF any more, you have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I will miss your posts and felt that we share a common experience regarding addiction. I agree that sometimes members may become jealous, as folk in general often do. Unfortunately, most of us (myself included) can be quite feeble when it comes to dealing with certain emotions. For me, DF is about free information and human rights as well as harm reduction and recovery from addiction.

    I hope you will reconsider at some point as you are a much valued member. In any case, good luck with life and I hope you enjoy exploring your spirituality.
  8. Pain Hurts
    At close to 40 yrs and been thru much, been to many places, seen lots faces, and had 200+ phone numbers on my cell in 1997, issh ... I now call 3-5 people max, and like 2 regularly .. maybe 3 ish ... it is really easy to determine who is trustworthy. IN the short term. If they got time snd a car ask if you can get a ride to an appointment, work, etc, or ask for a loan of $50 (if they are doing fine, otherwise never ask), and see how it goes. If your relationship rotates around a drug or money or specific 1 dimensional object or theme then dont trust. maybe I am wrong. Try the stuff above, as I see it ... and as a person who nly gave gave and still gives his last $5 to a buddy in need ... trust yourself. &(
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