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  1. Beeker

    Time takes a look at the nationwide crackdown on pseudoephedrine which has caused the great mexi-meth influx into the south. Instead of admiting that Meth is a prescription drug in the US, they just keep beating that dead horse. There are no real laws in Mexico so 40 pound boxes of ephedrine are flown into Mexico from india now. What has this done? Well it has killed Cocaine sales here and meth is now being sold as crack.

    This article DOES talk about the nasal decongestant phenylephrine and how it isn't effective at all. TIME even goes on to call it a 'placebo drug' unless shot up the nose like ... *AHM*

    After seeing the report on how the lobbing for a cold medicine made congress bitch slap the DEA in the late 80's when they tried this very thing 20 years ago just makes me shake my head ... back - and to the right, back - and to the right. look again :snort: back - and to the right.


  1. Paracelsus
    yea i see they substituted decongestants with pfed to Phenylephrine. SWIM was in the US this summer and wanted to buy a couple of Sudafeds at a local store, but couldnt find anything except those "Non-Drowsy Nasal Decongestant. Does not contain Pseudoephedrine" pills. SWIM found some later though...:D

  2. Riconoen {UGC}
    Good, I'm glad a major media outlet is attacking bullshit feel good legislation like this. hopefully more will come and eventually i'll get my psuedoephedrine back where it belongs and not get carded for it.
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