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WHO Study: US youth more likely to do drugs than europe

By Heretic.Ape., Jun 20, 2007 | |
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    http://www.csdp.org/news/news/family.htm#whoalcohol World Health Organization Study Shows US Youth More Likely To Use Marijuana Than Youth In Europe

    The World Health Organization (WHO) held its European Ministerial Conference on Youth and Alcohol in Stockholm, Sweden in February 2001. Highlights from the conference included a report comparing use of alcohol and other drugs by youth in Europe with use by youth in the US. ​
    The The New York Times reports that "Forty- one percent of 10th graders in the United States had tried marijuana, compared with 17 percent of those in Europe. And 23 percent of the students in the United States had used other illicit drugs, compared with 6 percent of the Europeans." The study was developed by the Council of Europe with the help of researchers at the University of Michigan's Monitoring The Future project, and compared results from the MTF with results from a European survey, the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Drugs (ESPAD).​
    (Results from the ESPAD 1999 can be downloaded as PDF files from from the World Health Organization European Youth and Alcohol Conference website, as well as from links found on this Background Brief.) ​
    Check out Drug War Facts for more information about Drugs and Adolescents. Also, the DWF section on The Gateway Theory may be of particular interest.

    Looks like the US Drug War is an astounding success! :p


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