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Whoever Made This Anti-Weed Poster Must Have Been High

By Rob Cypher, Mar 15, 2014 | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    Those who grew up in America during the 1980s might remember those "Just Say No" posters. They were anti-drug propaganda, and Japan has them, too. Though, this particular poster looks like it was made by people stoned outta their minds.

    Recently, uploaded by Twitter user Xxtakoxx, this anti-drug poster reads, "Bad. Definitely. Marijuana." The image has been retweeted nearly 20,000 times.

    The poster is actually from the Osaka Prefecture Pharmaceutical Association. While I live in Osaka, I haven't seen it. However, I have seen other posters in this "Bad. Definitely." series.

    It's worth noting that next to the kanji for cannabis (大麻 or taima), marijuana is written out in katakana (マリファナ or marifana). On the side, it reads, "Wrath of the Gods" in Japanese (神々の怒り or kamigami no ikari).

    The two guys are a comedian group called Monster Engine, and this is based on a heavenly skit they do. The comedians have somewhat of a following, so perhaps, this is a good way to reach kids. I guess? This particular anti-pot campaign, however, was launched a few years back. Many people in Japan seem to be just discovering it now.

    Online in Japan, however, some people were miffed by the poster, not knowing who these two guys were. Even those who did know them seemed miffed as well, while others liked how the ad had impact. "Please knock off the armpit hair," wrote one commenter, while one Twitter user asked, "Is this for real?" Yes, yes it is.

    Brian Ashcroft
    March 14, 2014



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