Who's driving the bus?

By bhonkers · Sep 9, 2014 · ·
  1. bhonkers

    Are you able to suggest anything such as only able to see the colour green and nothing else and have it instantly be your reality?


    Where have you been?

    You could have been having daily hour long orgasm sessions on demand all this time and you decided to give up your control over how you feel and what state you are in to those who may not have your best interest at heart.

    I could write this all in a book and eventually will but it's not about the book and it's about the idea and how you are able to alter any unconscious process such as alter your metabolism and lower or raise heart rate and blood pressure as you've been doing it your entire life and the ability to mini orgasm every time you look into you lovers eye's is not normally what happens and if you want it then you now know you can make it real by accepting the belief as reality. Ignore counter evidence as not being of importance and therefore less likely to be a problem and relax as you repeat the belief feeling it as real each time until one day you look into your partners eye's and buckle at the knees orgasmically.

    It's not that people can or can't but that most don't know how and many don't know that reality isn't fixed and open to change. Those who struggle to have new beliefs instantly taken as real are stating information about the way they did it that didn't work and is never to be taken as a limitation of all you are able to do since once you set up these limits they can seem so real and fixed at times and fighting it only creates more struggles so relaxxxx...... take a long slow deep breath in and as you let out the sigh of ever deepening relaxation and growing sense of comfort with the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh tone that takes all the little niggles and releases them as if you've just finished building an island and can finally take a moment to savour our efforts now that they are over just in the way we desired most.. and let go... and as you let go.. let go of all muscle tension... "each time I let go I only become ever more deeply relaxed at all times and increasingly more so in each and every moment." Then let go again and notice how as you let go of all the habituated tensions the pleasure of the moment will be assured unless you find the feeling of deep and ever deeper still....STILL...... is a pain for you which isn't common but lets not rule everything out just yet..

    And as you let go and deepen relaxation which after a few goes becomes a pleasure cycle of letting go into always more pleasure and only more pleasure is all there is and increasingly so in the ways best and most perfect in all ways including pleasure that no matter how immense it is there is always more and it only ever gets better at all times as you let go again into even more deepening relaxation of ever increasing comfort and mmmmmm.. One fires the other and once you've got it going it then becomes an anchor that every time you let go your body naturally becomes deeply more relaxed and ever more so..

    No need for the struggles of life. Leave them for the sleep walking majority. If you are suggesting that you only see green and you're seeing other colours then put your focus on the belief being certain and dismiss with no fuss all counter evidence and if you're ready to make the next jump into hyper reality of eternal bliss and deepest desires made real then you can move into the power state of high suggestibility that some call the hypnotic trance state and this is why struggle is almost entirely unneeded.

    What is the trance state like prophet bhonkers? (Oh please! I'm only human)

    I would suggest that you believe you will know it when you arrive. You will just know as it feels like its as you instructed your mind to go and since your mind knows every state you've ever been in and can create infinitely more new states such as the powerful language learning state we had as kids. We didn't even know we were learning an entire language yet we did it with ease (some of us) and just because that door is closed doesn't mean it can't be opened up again and even wider with instructions for your mind that when your new language head is on you have the same kind of access to what your mind has learned as it does with English to give a far more natural language learning experience. And you are all aware that your conscious mind isn't the greatest at doing tasks and almost all learnings and understandings are done unconsciously. If you lose your way with your awareness then relax secure in the knowledge you are learning and understanding it at all times and with the info in front of you you don't even have to know the alphabet used for the mind to know far more than we realize and those who are still stubborn to yield to master bhonkers wisdom are likely to take any confusion in their minds as not being able to understand or learn this new information as a limitation in them when it's just doing it wrong and a simple adjustment of knowing you know far more than you are aware of and you don't even have to be aware of the content to understand it just like I did at school where I instructed my mind to learn and understand fully in all ways the material given by the teacher as I daydreamed almost my entire classroom time and I still managed 3 highers with an A in maths. Trust me, your a genius waiting to happen but only when you believe you are.... right.... nowwwwwww.....

    That's it.. You've had your mind seeded with beliefs so powerful you will eventually and as sure as the Earth circles the sun you will be running along any high street of the moment screaming "bhonkers is the messiah!!!" but I'm not, as I've no clue what the real meaning of life is if there is one but to go with logic we are only ever evolving into more complex beings and extending that infinitely gives me a marker of eventually reaching god of all as at least a stepping stone on our growth into more which allows me to believe there are no limits and since we are infinitely creative there is always a way and an infinite number of them. All problems are solutions waiting to happen. Almost all limitations are imaginary such as believing we aren't artistic since our p5 teacher told us this one time after fucking up art (how can a 5yo fuck up art? Modern artists do their best work from what seems like fuck ups) and now this person has shut off any future artistic pathways as they don't believe they have what it takes when in reality they have all that it takes just like everyone else and the struggle they find is their desire bumping up against a brick wall of seemingly no way forwards and as the mind in its drive to protect us keeps telling us this is the case since believing it has kept us alive to this point and that is a major function of the other mind in that it will take the word of an adult as how things are on word because children don't last long to find out that electricity hurts if you stick a fork in the socket so giving them this info in what seems like knowledge and how things are as safety guides that even getting close to heat and hearing a mothers scream make a connection of moving hand towards heat seems very scarily dangerous so lets avoid it means we don't even have to be burned to know that heat can cause pain. This becomes a problem when beliefs taken as reality in much the same way as children may be so wrong and may fuck up our lives and many people are still arguing with themselves even though after years of doing it the limitation is still as real as ever.

    You're not good or bad at maths. You don't have a maths or not a maths brain. Our brains are pretty much all the same in many ways and genius isn't so much born from intelligence but rather tends to be with those souls that defy convention and take old limits and ask what if? What is it like now that I've solved this problem? They refuse to take limitations as all there is and even despite a public education, which in many cases is cognitive suicide by design to dumb us all down, by thinking in new ways and if you want to exercise your genius regularly then you may begin to wonder what one mind area is able to lift all others and your curiosity that we all have and you have to some degree in each moment to know what that is makes your ever growing anticipation of knowing this key area and how it's easier to use it than not use it and you may already have some kind of idea of your own and if it is to work on your imagination daily then top marks to you. Everyone else now gets to catch up on the imagination miracle maker as being the one area to work on given no other options since it covers all. All things are possible in the imagination. Making them reality depends on what you've designed for yourself. Flying may need some evolutionary jumps or maybe we can do it now but I'll leave that to those with wing aspirations and would only suggest that all flight tests are done from ground level. Just because we can't doesn't mean it can't be done. The Darwin awards will take care of those who didn't realize they had to believe strongly enough before action and even Neo didn't make the jump the first time.

    All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine!!! Einstein would ride on photons of light to work out his theories and Tesla didn't have a real world workshop to tinker and tweak and test and only used it to build the final fully functioning machine after doing all the inventing stuff in the workshop in his mind. He could run machines in real time that built to the exact same specifications did exactly the same motions in all areas to the point he could always and with precision know exactly where all the worn bit of moving machine parts running non stop after one full month. He didn't have to watch the machine at all times. He did something we could all make use of... he got his other mind to do it for him.

    This is one way to get someone to deal with fears and phobias as they become different people in their minds able to easily overcome those previous fear fading into growing courage such as being superman going in elevators that the person only has to know there is one near to freak out. As superman they don't freak as superman doesn't do any phobia other than kryptonite and he's been seeing councillors and therapists for decades with no gains and that's a good thing because fear can be our hero by telling us of all the awful things that may occur doing this new action. Some are real and some are imaginary but if fear of kryptonite stops you from having a green kryptonite vagasil then that means keeping safe. Some things are worth fearing. The problem doesn't have to be near for the person to freak at even the possibility. As superman they don't freak because they feel powerful and in the lift and unable to feel any fear.

    Did you see what happened there?

    Previously even the idea of the fear freaked them and now they aren't freaking out any more. If they can overcome fear in this one place then they effectively have a powerful resource to tap into at all times such that as long as they pretend to be superman while travelling up and down tall buildings (flying can get boring after a while) they feel in control at all times.

    And where did this powerful resource come from? Our creative minds. Every time you pretend to be someone else you get more access to the states and abilities and skills as the other person. This is where I created the skill swype zone in my mind where I become the person who has an ability of some kind I desire and each time I act as them I become more like them in some ways. These characters can be real or imaginary. If you want full control over you then may I suggest acting as Neo the moment he believes as I've found many great resources along the way such as the moment I smashed the agent I heard my internal voice say "I've got it all!" In a pure I'VE GOT IT ALL tone that only someone who believes they have it all is able to feel it as certain as like an ultimate truth and if you want belief then maybe pretending to be Jesus for a bit in your mind going around curing the blind and slightly balding like a BOSS and as you tap more into Jesus and his sense of godlike self belief you will find more powerful states of certainty that you can then use to add to suggestions you give yourself making them seem so real that the mind instantly shifts and alters to accept the idea as now real and in the same way you can take the most uncertain tone "I've not got a fucking clue" and we can find this easy by taking a future event that no one is able to predict and it's either guess or gamble or simply putting your hands up "will it rain on the white house exactly 3 months from this very moment?" I haven't got a clue.. no idea... and this feeling of not knowing for certain is now a powerful state called doubt and when we are in this state and keep constant while claiming our limitations as real will have them suddenly on very shaky ground after seeming to be immovable for years. The very powerful doubt state held constant will quickly smash previous limitations and a few repetitions over a minute or so might solve your former woes that had seemed so real for so long and now almost in a moment and with relative ease you are now beyond the old you and growing ever more new in each and every moment and increasingly so at all times in the very best and most pleasing of ways unique to us individually and respecting of all others and it only ever gets better at all times. Only better. Never worse. Always enjoyable. You can self talk yourself into being mega and I promote such self appreciation as not many others will do it for you. Or you could do what the miserable lot do and give yourself shit constantly "you fucked it up before... you'll do it again.. you always fuck up.." this is normal for many minds and yet not many would put up with having someone constantly putting us down so why put up with our own minds critical assessment of every part of life when you could stop the moment you hear it and laugh at how funny your brain is at telling you all this crazy limiting stuff that can't be real as there are no limitations and you know your mind knows this and keep pretending and your mind will indeed know that there are no limitations and as Neo I've found that in the very powerful state of "I've got it all!" I really feel I do have complete control over me.

    Why mention Neo? We'll you know that what we experience as reality is construct of the mind. And the Matrix is a computer construct in a similar way in that all we know is inside of us and is used to navigate us safely through life. We don't know reality because first we have to filter it all down into five senses. Then we have to delete almost all of it since it's far too much info for our awareness to hold at any one time. We distort the pure sense data coming in so it conforms more to what we expect than actual reality such as can be found in the extreme in schizophrenics who can distort it so much that even a smile can look like an evil glare and once this rare breed believes everyone is out to get them then the mind distorts almost all faces so now everyone looks evil towards us and since it seems like all there is then it is often taken as reality when reality is now two times removed from actual real material world reality.

    First we filter so all we know is from the 5 senses (Einstein found his intuition of how things worked to be far more accurate than all the logical reasoning in the world which lead him to theorize the stretching and squeezing of space-time which suggests we know beyond our senses) and with no way of measuring any other possible sensory information it is possible there are infinite numbers of kinds of unique sense data yet to be known which means until we know for sure then we will only ever know reality in it's pure form when we attain our true nature which is god and god is all if you want to put a description on it. Until then we only have our watered down and minute intellect uses words to alter pure sense data even more making reality diverge even more from what is so we are now on a third version of reality. The real world is one reality. Our pure unfiltered sense data is now another diluted reality. And now what we experience as real is just a map we have built over time that has moved from all there is down to all there is in five senses limited by how fine our acuity is to how much detail we can measure and all the finer stuff is now lost. Then the final shift of taking such vast information and only taking what we believe is the most important for the moment to fill up awareness with 99.999...% being out of awareness making for our experience of reality having nothing to do with the real world and everything to do with a best guess creative map of reality and how we think things are or how we believe them to be.

    So reality as we experience it is not really reality at all and just a creative expression based on our maps of reality built from life experience. As long as it keeps us safe then we take it as real. And everything you think you are is all made up fantasy. All your pain and pleasures are creative constructs meaning that we create these sensations and with so many combinations we can make an infinite number of unique pleasures. Even physical pain is a construct of the mind and those who believe almost everything they hear are often called naive and maybe a bit simple yet these special ones are highly skilled at giving powerful suggestions to themselves or believe the words of a hypnotist who tells them to go into the control room in their mind and find the on/off pain button and before I push this pin into your skin I want you to switch off all pain by pressing the button now. Highly suggestible folks don't seem simple to me. If they can have their wisdom teeth ripped out with no anaesthesia then to me they are gods.

    If you believe you have very annoying neighbours then I going to bet they will annoy you at some future point. Not because that is how neighbours are but because you have given them the ability and power over you to annoy you when the annoyance is simply found because we expect to find it and if we expect loud neighbour noise to fill us with orgasmic pleasure then prepare for early morning weekend unintended ever growing orgasmic feelings keeping you awake all night. Damn you potent sex energy inducing neighbours *shakes fist*

    So are you the master of you? Can you fully access all states ever experienced at the instant required such as slowing time perception in much the same way a very industrious and highly creative fashion designer who seemed to be miles ahead of all others was found to do his creative work in slow time such that in one hour of clock time he generated 10 hours of work. Ten times more than usual. Can you find value in that? I could have written and had this posted along with ten more the time this is complete. And who can do this? I made up Time Man and do stuff in my mind as this hero as I create new situations each moment such as bursting into a meeting that has one minute remaining to find a solution or the company goes bust. I slow time for all in the meeting and dropping a pen to the floor reveals how slow things are going to them as they see the pen seem to take forever to reach the floor and I say "You have all the time you need to find your solution." and I fly off. They cheat though and get Solution Man in who instantly solves the firms woes and all jobs are safe again.

    So are you the master of you? Are you Neo of your reality matrix or are you an agents bitch?

    Are you ready Neo? Believe....

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  1. Buzybee
    Well, you certainly hit on on some points close to home, and made this ole Bee think! Thanks Bhonkers it's been a while as the buzzers here have been on a bit of a tweakers mystery tour! And made it back relatively safely! Buzz from the BBee x
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