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Why Didn't I Think of That? The Wine Rack, Already a Breast-Seller

  1. Wanderer
    This summer's must-have accessory? The Wine Rack, a bra that holds an entire bottle of wine. Guys, don't worry -- there's a version for you too.

    The latest heatwave has helped sales of all things summer -- electric fans, air conditioners, flip flops and more. Add to that list the Wine Rack, which has been selling briskly among college students as the temperatures climb.

    The Wine Rack isn't quite what it sounds like. It's a bra -- a bra that can hold an entire bottle of wine or 25 ounces of your beverage of choice.

    The booze bra comes with a straw for sipping, and thanks to the watertight tubing, it can inflate a woman's chest by two sizes. Take that, Wonderbra.

    "It's an idea whose time had come," says Paul Krasulja, general manager of Paterson, N.J.-based online site BaronBob.com, which specializes in selling off-beat gifts. "It had been coming for a long time."

    No kidding. The Wine Rack has been on the market for at least three years, but thanks to us poor saps in the media who just love writing about it, business remains brisk. It's a great strategy for small companies with catchy products and slim advertising budgets.

    "That's pretty much exactly how it happens," Krasulja says. "Everybody picks it up, writes about it, it boosts the sales of the item, and then after a month or two, it all dies down."

    But it's easy to see why the public is fascinated with it. The Wine Rack dovetails with the American male's interest in alcohol and women. As it turns out, the idea for the Wine Rack was actually inspired by a guy's version -- the Beerbelly, which holds 80 ounces of beer.

    The Beerbelly and Wine Rack were both created by serial entrepreneur Brooks Lambert, a 50-year-old Californian who came up with the idea when he and a pal were hanging out in his backyard, remembering how they used to sneak beer into ball games and movies. Suddenly, he had an idea.

    Brooks ultimately sold the manufacturing rights to Aaron Knirr, 31, and his business partner, Chris Pounds, 34, who co-own Cooler Fun, based in Ellisville, Mo.

    "This is awesome, let's jump on it," recalls Knirr, who ordered a few prototypes. In 2008, they made an offer to purchase Lambert's equipment and assets, so they could become the main distributor and manufacturer of both the Beerbelly and Wine Rack.

    Knirr won't say how many Beerbelly and Wine Racks have been sold, but he says "sales are decent." After several years of being mostly an Internet sales phenomenon, the products are now appearing in a few scattered liquor stores and other small retailers across the country, with the possibility of rolling out to larger chains in the future. The publicity -- the Wine Rack has been featured on the Today show, and by countless other media outlets -- has definitely helped sales, along with word of mouth, Knirr says.

    Knirr cites one of his favorite testimonials, where one guy wrote in to rave, "The Beerbelly is quite possibly the best product ever invented in the world ever -- as good as, if not better than the wheel, the light bulb, sliced bread and the Internet."

    Some people clearly love their beer.

    Meanwhile, Krasulja says the customers he has talked to over the phone mostly seem to be getting the Wine Rack and Beerbelly for sporting events, although he recently had a female customer who said she was using the Wine Rack when attending PTA meetings.

    As for sipping beer out of a bra or a belly harness during those sporting events, "When you're spending $11 on a beer at Yankee Stadium, it's easy to see why they want it," Krasulja says. "I went to the stadium last year and spent $290 on beer. It's an amazing, beautiful stadium, but [the beer is] overpriced."

    Posted 7/ 21 10 at 7:00 PM
    Geoff Williams is a regular contributor to AOL Small Business.
    He is also the co-author of the book Living Well with Bad Credit.
    AOL Small Business



  1. godztear
    How does it stay cold? It seams like wrapping a beverage around the core of your body would produce a bunch of heat making the drink pretty hot if sitting in the sun.
  2. Wanderer
    Some sort of foam padding with lots of "air" bubbles would make an excellent insulator. There are probably other materials (perhaps silicone?) which have a low coefficient of heat.
  3. Goku4ever
    The beer belly one is really old. I remember seeing it advertised on Firebox a few years back.
  4. kailey_elise
    Well, I suppose if one were drinking red wine, it wouldn't matter as much about keeping it cold. Heh.

    And Girlie saw this & said if she were sneaking in mixed drinks via a brassiere, she wouldn't really care about the temperature! Besides that, she prefers all drinks at room temperature; once upon a time she had some serious issues with her teeth, and got used to drinking room and/or body temperature drinks during those years before she got them fixed (well, yanked - they were beyond fixing).

    So, different strokes for different folks, I guess!

    Does it come in different sizes? What about girls who are already, um, well-endowed?

    *goes to peek*

  5. questforstarfish
    This is FANTASTIC! Sneaking alcohol...well, anywhere, is always kind of a fun game. This is just the funniest and also one of the most useful things out there, I may buy one!
  6. Spucky
    AW: Why Didn't I Think of That? The Wine Rack, Already a Breast-Seller

    It will be a Bestseller in Glastonbury or Roskilde, Fuji-Rock or Summer-Sonic!:cool:

    But the Taste must be horrible :s
  7. knot2ez
    Fill the wine rack with your fav. booze, buy a coke or ice and your in business. Wine bags are also good for areas that do not allow glass containers, like burbon st.

    Fly safe!!

  8. Killa Weigha
    Does it have a nipple?
    "Hey, can I tap that?
  9. questforstarfish
    *my best friend just bought me this for Christmas. Will come back to comment on quality ;)
  10. Liquidcande
    hmm, i wonder how many people will actually use this more than never!?
  11. kailey_elise
    Excellent! Please do! I'm very interested in the fluctuation of the liquid's temperature, tbh. I know it's supposed to be insulated to some degree, but it *IS* still meant to be worn next to the body. If it were filled with beer, or chilled white wine, how long will it ACTUALLY stay "comfortably cool" for?

    It's not a HUGE deal for me, since I prefer room-temperature drinks anyway (and don't have any particular fondness for beer), but I was just wondering. I picture "smuggling" a large amount of soda to the Fourth of July fairgrounds, for instance - the place I like to go has barred the use of coolers long ago, and they search backpacks, not just for liquor, but sodas & water too! :mad: They tried to ban backpacks on the property, too, but relented since it's a fucking FAMILY EVENT and lots of parents need larger bags to carry necessities for the children. Bastids! ;)

    Ha ha ha, I can picture myself as a parent at such an event with a "Wine Rack", the sprogen clamoring for a drink & me whipping out the hose from my bra to give him/her some juice. *giggle*

    Anyway, so, temperature control in a RealWorldtm setting would be good to know. If I had a "Wine Rack", I'd fill it up & wear it around the house all day! *LOL* :-

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