Why does Meth block the effects of Heroin?

By nicelymixedup · Jun 1, 2008 · ·
  1. nicelymixedup
    A friend of mine is a meth script and mentioned that when she uses h on top she cant really feel the euphoria that she felt before, no itching, no gouchin, nothing really eve when she uses alot, whats that all about and howcome the clinic dont tell you about this? is there anyway around it? or is that it for the whole time your on it?

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  1. savingJenniB
    Is your friend's script for Methadone? Methadone is basically used (prescribed) to block the effects of Heroin ~~~ Methadone is a safe easy way to get off of H. It's kinda a one or the other choice.
  2. nicelymixedup
    yeh for methadone, the script is precribed by the local social services people at 105 a day but they have said my mate has a heart complaint and will need to come down 10mg a week till 30mg's then tranfer on to the subuxtex, hes worried the sobutex wont give him any buzz at all and that will be the end of the road and lead back to using again, its making him so anxious, he thinks about it nearly every day, its hard...should he consider 30mg of meth, st8t to detox and then a little stay in rehab instead of the subbies community detox down to nothing off you go bye bye. he feel like he'll need to be in hospital for the detox, he needs someone to knock him out with hard shit so he feels nothing, cant take the withdrawals anymore its not worth the pain. cant do it alone never will try again.
  3. purplehaze
    Phazes stepfather has been in treatment as long as phaze as known him. Hes a polysubstance abuser and has been on bunphreine film strips ina study, suboxone or subotex should definiately give you a buzz from what phaze has seen. He doesnt know what it feels like compared to H or any other drug, but from monitoring his stepfather it is definiately impairing him or giving him a buzz all day long.

    Also read this link

    Speedballing causes alot of strain on the heart and phaze has been around alot of people who have actually died from doing this. It can happen with any stimulate and downer, like crack and benzos, cocaine and opiates. meth and H.
  4. nicelymixedup
    Ok peops, had this neltrxone implant for years now on and off, always gone for the 3 month one and have played around and tested with them loads, this is my fifth one and im running out of places to shove them in lol but it works, it works sure....


    Ok this thing works but for a period of time, as soon as the implant is up everything you think is long gone swims to the surface, thats even if you thought they were long gone, there have been implants that have felt like prison sentences for me, counting down the days, even going so far as to mark dates in my calender.

    I use these implants for my raging opiate habit, any will do preferably H ofcourse, nothing quite gives me that euphoric feeling im looking for i also smoke and inject crack and again H is the only substance bar hands full of valiums which i dont trust in so they dont work as well, if that makes sense, course they kick in eventually but where i dont trust them fully its weird i stay wired for much longer no mater how many i pop...anyway coming off the point, this thread is about 2 things...

    I would really like other peops who have used the implants long term like me to share there experiences, when does the 3 month implant roughly run out for you? for me, im still working on finding that out and therefore every 4 days im taking a relatively large dose of opiates to see what happens, if i feel the tingle then i guess i know the date approx it works till, i have a feeling this one might live out the whole 3 months, lets see i'll report back...

    I dont know when or how i feel ever stop using or stop taking the implants its the only reason im not fucked on drugs right now, but again, its so complicated its hard to explain, i have had a bag of h in my room for the past 2 weeks and havent bothered touch it, lol unbelievable i couldnt leave a bag alone for 2 mins let alone 2 weeks lol...im working now, have been for a while, since i started the treatment about 2 years ago, got my self respect back, my friends back and family...but i still use, inject smoke, just in a differant way, i guess it caused my using pattern to shift, knowing i can push and push, and then when it all gets to much jump in to the safe arms of my implants means that im stuck in a limbo with my addiction problems and never really moving forward or back, not getting better as such but not getting worse either...a part of me wishes i could have got clean (ish i mean off h only) on my own, as i smoke weed and drink of a month or less even, never really had a problem with any other drugs apart from opiates, crack and H and weed lol....thats enough right there i guess,,,

    !!!! and im a bit crazy can anyone tell..

    30 in july 2012 and worried i want this shit dealt with by then.... but i still want to use....

    :( lol
  5. purplehaze
    Phazes stepdad is on suboxone, it helps his anxiety but he relapses on meth 3-4 times a year. He is on it to treat his oxycontin addiction, he devoloped when they when "IV friendly."
    Buprenorphine is a very competitive antagonist, meaning heroin, oxycontin, opiates an opiods wont work. My stepfather has to keep information on him in case he goes to the ER and needs pain meds. It requires 10x the dose to treat someone on suboxone. meaning if a "normal" person needs 10mg morphine he would need 100mg. Just something to consider.

    He went from methadone to suboxone and says its infinitely better for his cravings and lifestyle. He's a welder around drugs all day in a trailor plant, they are literally trying to give them to him.
  6. purplehaze
    If valium, "wires you up" you probably have an underlying anxiety disorder as this is called a paradoxical effect and is usually associated with people who have a chemical imbalance.
  7. purplehaze
    Triple post, but phazes stepfather has an underlying ADHD disorder he has been self medicating with stimulants for years. If it makes you feel normal, you may need to talk to a doctor about getting ADD treatment.
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