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By SomeOne · Mar 20, 2005 · ·
  1. SomeOne

    and an example of their gathered topics from all kinds of global newsfeeds :


    DrugSenseBot automatically tracks the very latest breaking drug news from around the world, many times an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    You just can't get more recent breaking drug news, anywhere.

    This newsbot searches online sources, automatically categorizing the text. It transforms sites into specialized, strategic RSS news feeds on cannabis, medical marijuana, harm reduction, opioids, and much more. News articles are automatically summarized.

    Bot turns online news sites into RSS XML news feeds whether or not the source itself has news feeds!
    What else does this newsbot do?

    This site is a tool which assists mapinc newshawks (news analysts) in gathering the latest drug-related news. The system acts as an agent to find and fetch the latest drug-related news articles from news sites.

    see chart: Bot's place in the MAPInc data collection scheme.

    Bot's technology is able to extract unstructured information from pages around the web and translate it into categorized knowledge that activists can use to improve their effectiveness.
    How does this robot work?

    Using content analysis, Bot filters news articles for drug-related news items, fetches, analyses and transforms the news article text. The transformation consists of re-formatting, concept detection, classification, and mark-up.

    As the name "bot" implies, this whole process is automated. No manual intervention is used at any stage of the process. (etc., read on in the first link)

    Want a site like this for your area of interest? We can do it all for you!


    " integrating specialized news feeds into your existing site "
    " This system can daily sift through thousands of pages of plain, unstructured html from news sites, and turn this raw data into uniform, strategic news feeds, output as standard RSS, html, plain text, or even emailed to users who can register on your site.

    We can put together an information powerhouse news-robot site like this for your topic area.

    For more information about this site or our services, please e-mail [email protected] "

    Seems like a good idea for this site. LT/

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  1. Alfa
    At this moment I read them all and select the more interesting articles from it, but I'll digg into it again, as it would save a lot of work.
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