Why Sleep At All?

By seeingred · Nov 9, 2008 ·
  1. seeingred
    :p Swim spent all night staring at the wall, j/k. No, more like surfing the net and random things. Talking to cute strangers with no inhibition...writing...blahdehabl. Swim was sooo happy, partially because of the energy drink, partially the curing depression, partially growing up...but not sleeping is a drag sometimes. Just took a xanax, just one, for the ...blahness. One thing swim notices is that while beer sucks, wine tastes nasty, but champagne at least makes swim sleepy!! Swim is thinking about not going to swims cousins wedding. This SWIM THING is rediculous. Swim is worried someone may have stolen swims dads credit identity, had this sudden bad feeling and woke up hearing "What they did was COMPLETELY ILLEGAL" other than that, it's this horrible overwhelming feeling of boredom and human-hatred that's killing SWIM. No one laughs or enjoys life as much as swim, which makes swim the opposite of happier.

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