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By Joe-(5-HTP) · Jan 31, 2014 · ·
  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    Drugs-Forum is sort of like a gold mine. The analogy doesn't quite work though. It's not like there are patches of gold to be occasionally found amongst loads of useless rock. The gold is more evenly distributed than that. But then, so is the rock! That's not to say that there aren't real patches of pure gold here either.

    The situation is that much of the daily questions, threads, posts, replies etc are not new. They have most likely come up before. For me, the worst part of this isn't this unnecessary repetition. The worst aspect of this for me is that the answer someone gets today might be lower quality than the answer they would have gotten if they had asked yesterday, or tomorrow. I know personally I've answered the same question more or less well on different occasions. We can't be perfect all the time right? But the wiki can.

    The wiki is a beautiful project because it purifies the ocean of information on DF. People get the information they want instantly, well written, intentionally presented for their use and understanding, and to the highest degree of accuracy that we can manage.

    Drugs-Forum is already the best place in the world to come if you want unbiased factual information about drugs. But why stop there? Let's make it the best place to come for unbiased factual information possible.

    Think about contributing to the wiki. I don't want to hear about how you don't think you can do it, or are worried about messing up. Come and mess up, we want you to mess up. We have this magic thing called an "edit" button to deal with that. The problem is that we don't have a magic "research and write wiki" button. That has to be you.

    Can't think of what to do to contribute? Here's some ideas:

    1 - take any drug related organisation/person and do some research, take any basic facts, write them in your own words and write them in the wiki
    2 - Read through one of our "Drug info" threads for information there which isn't in the wiki on that drug
    3 - Read through people's experience reports and see if there are any reported drug effects or side effects which could be in the wiki
    4 - For a particular drug, are there any FAQs? Write an answer to them, and put that in the wiki. Take 4 months and write a perfect answer - it's worth it, it will inform so many people.
    5 - Is there information missing from a wiki page about the legality of a drug in certain countries. Go to the government site of that country and they have information.
    6 - New wiki pages for novel RCs are in constant need of writing. Gather any information you can find - don't just use drugs-forum, search for experience reports on other websites too. What dosages are people using, what are the effects & side-effects, the comeup time, the duration?

    And lastly, you don't have to even write out this information into a proper format - if you can just find it, read it, and post somewhere on the wiki discussion page, you will have already done 90% of the work.

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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Nice job, Joe. I didn't know you had written this till today, when I stumbled across it. If I had, I would have read it sooner. You're a hard-working and fine member of this community. I do hope lots of people read this and start helping out on Wikis. It's inspired me to start my next!
  2. BitterSweet
    Couldn't agree more. I have a particular fondness for the wiki section of DF. There are so many ways to contribute, and in doing so, you learn a great deal of information yourself. I've been working on one wiki for over a year now. It has been a labouring process for sure. I desperately want to get it posted, but I'm a perfectionist and that can be a bad thing at times.

    I've also come across many threads that are unnecessary, because the thread relates to information accurately elaborated on the wiki section. Still though, the wiki section has a long way to go, but it truly is one of a kind.
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