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Wichita Police Bust PCP ring

By Basoodler, Jan 6, 2013 | Updated: Jan 6, 2013 | |
  1. Basoodler
    Five west coast men, possibly with gang ties, are in the Sedgwick county jail for running what police call an elaborate drug ring out of Wichita.

    Acting on a tip, police arrested the men at a home in the 3100 block of east Ethel last night. Inside, investigators found several weapons and a large amount of the drug PCP.

    "It's becoming a very popular drug of choice across America," said Wichita Police Lt. Doug Nolte.
    Neighbors said they are used to seeing a lot of traffic coming and going from the house where the arrests happened.

    "I'm glad, if they got them, glad of that, " said neighbor Betty Walker.

    Police say the men were in Wichita with the intentions of running the drug business. Investigators believe the suspects were wiring the profits back to California. Because of the large amount of PCP found, the suspects could be charged in federal court.



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