Wild Turkey, Two Deer And A Lone Wolf

  1. Cattle-n-HorseRancher
    Howdy, have been up in the mountains for a spell, camping on the ridge that overlooks miles of nothing but more mountains. Its a peaceful place and I can watch the hawks fly close.
    Saddled up my horse and my pack mule Shotgun and made a tepee shelter out of branches from various trees laying around. If you haven't done this you really should consider doing this as it is exhilarating to know your ancestors did the same thing long ago. I really think I was born a couple centuries to late, as for some reason me and the modern world don't get along to well. Everybody seems to be in one gigantic hurry now a days. For what, I don't know.
    I bathed in a creek with a small waterfall near by. Two deer and a wild turkey were within yards of me drinking and paid no attention to the fact me and Shiloh were in the area. I sat in the water and watched them. Beautiful things they are with living heartbeats and I wanted to reach out and pet the deer on their silky heads but I remained motionless so I wouldn't startle them.
    While sitting by the fire outside the tepee hut I made it had to be after midnight. Am not sure as I don't wear a watch and have no need of one but I saw a lone wolf very close by very curious about me and Shiloh. He or she watched us for a short time and just walked away. I wondered if it was the food it was curious about. When I broke up camp I left food for it just in case he made it back.
    I really didn't want to come home. Don't get me wrong I love the ranch and I don't mind the hard work but I would rather live in the wild and one day I intend to do so full time with permanent like structure.
    Enclosed is a picture I took this past winter of where I am building my cabin. You may have to click on it to enlarge it to see the glorious beauty of it even in the winter. No sounds of a modern world, not even a vehicle of any sort can reach it. Can only get there by horseback and that suits me just fine.
    P.S. Call your Momma's today and tell her you love her. Those little things mean a lot more than you know.
    Now there is work to do, so will say goodbye for now and will write again soon.
    Smiles and Hugs, Maw on the mountain

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