1. tripolar

    On May 6th 2010 the population of the UK (that has the vote) will go to the polls to decide who will run the government for the next four years, and for a British cannabis community which numbers between 3 and 7 million people depending on which newspaper you read, the future is bleak.

    In the red corner, the current Labour government's stand on cannabis is only too well known.

    Regardless of the fact 14 of the United States have now legalised cannabis for medical use, or the fact that over 50 million people world wide now have access to a legal supply of cannabis to some degree, the Labour government stubbornly refuses to open a debate on what the legal status of cannabis should be.

    Indeed rather than trying to reduce the strain on an ailing and antiquated judicial system it would appear Gordon Brown would seek to add to its problems, by classifying cannabis a class B drug back in January 2009.

    Which brings with it the threat of a 14 year prison term if you're caught dealing.

    So did the change of law reduce harm? Or reduce the amounts of people experimenting with cannabis?

    Not if the social networks are anything to go by (which they are), as the amount of cannabis advocating facebook and twitter members is higher than ever (pardon the pun)!

    The reality of course, is the politicians know this only too well. Showing the reclassification for what it really is.

    A 'stealth tax' by any other name, which is used to earn tax revenue from a commodity outside of the legal tax system. And who gives a damn how many of our children are convicted of a "drug offence" for being caught carrying cannabis three times in the same area. At least I think thats how it works although its really hard to say for sure.

    So a vote for Labour is a vote for a party which has no new ideas on the cannabis issue. Just plenty of old ones.

    To be honest there's no point even mentioning the Conservatives as their primary spin doctor (Paul Dacre at the Daily Mail), won't have anything positive said about cannabis in his newspaper and lets face it, thats where tory policy is cooked up.

    Which is remarkeable when you think the mechanisms cannabis uses to destroy tumours have been called remarkeable by at least two practicing American doctors.

    Or that a British bio-science company called GW Pharmaceuticals, who just happen to be based at a government owned top secret Porton Down facility, is tip-toeing around quietly in the background, attempting to license its cannabis spray treatment for MS (called Sativex), under the protective shroud of prohibition.

    How does THAT work? How in this instance, can Home Secretary Alan Johnson maintain cannabis has no medicinal use to us? Its an outrage.

    Which brings us squarely to the third of the so-called 'Big Three'.

    Liberal Democrats
    After the first televised leaders debate, it didn't pass unoticed that so rattled were Messr's Brown and Cameron, by the calm and reasoned arguments put forwards by Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg, they decided to join forces in trying their best to shoot down the cheeky young upstart, by releasing negative policy stories in their respective newspapers.

    'He said this', said Gordon Brown. 'He said that' said David Cameron.

    But all that has done is stoke Mr Clegg's flames, and especially so amongst a cannabis community which is more 'connected' and in touch with current affairs than ever before.

    A South Wales man who used cannabis to kick a damaging alcohol habit actually wrote to Nick Clegg's constituency office in Sheffield, to ask for the Lib-Dem's standpoint. This is what he received in return;

    If the Lib-Dems are voted into power at the 2010 General Election, they will:

    • Re-classify cannabis BACK to a Class C drug.
    • Adopt a policy of not prosecuting possession for own use, social supply to adults or cultivation of cannabis plants for own use.
    • The Lib-Dems will repeal Sections 8 (c) and (d) of the Misuse of Drugs Act so that it is no longer a crime for the occupier or manager of premises to permit someone to use cannabis on those premises.
    • And they will also Permit medical use of cannabis derivatives, subject to appropriate pharmaceutical controls and the successful conclusion of current clinical trials.

    So with this in mind, please vote, and whilst you're at it, please choose your vote carefully.

    Cannazine Cannabis News
    28 April 2010


  1. pussy_galore
    Although a hung parliment is unavoidable I believe the LibDems have this one sewn up after today's utter gaff by jobby brown.

    Breif synopsis:
    Gordon brown gets stopped and asked questions by an old lady who wouldn't let him talk over her.
    Gordon got flustered, the conversation ended politely and both went their separate ways.
    Gordon's mic was still on when he got into his car and was heard calling the old lady a biggot.

    All videos and other info HERE
  2. OL909
    Would the labour government not have made more money if they had legalised it and taxed it to the same level of alcohol and tobacco?
    The trouble about re-classifying is many will see it as a waste of tax payers money, first classifying then undoing it. Dropping the classification level of any drug at the moment would be a bad politcal move what with the fuss that mephedrone caused and now MDPV is getting some publicity in my local news. Parliment can only seriously consider losseing laws on any drugs once the newspapers are no longer filled with negative stories on them.
    And we've already seen that people with power who suport the legalisation but control of drugs seem to lose that power. (Prof Nutt was it? the government drugs advisor?)
    I can't see the lib dems dropping the class even if they got in.
  3. Sippin40oz
    I think this is a classic example of the arrogance of Gorden Brown regarding over people opinions! Cant wait for him to be humiliated at the next election! what a cunt....

    Hopefully they will be brave enough to keep to their promises. If any party seems that they will actually follow through on usually unpopular decisions it will be the lib dems. Dropping the classification to C should save money on policing and courts so cost shouldnt be too much of a hassle.

    Biggest problem we could face is the likely hung parliment between the Conservatives and Lib dems. On a national level Drugs policy will probably be small patatoes compaired to the economy and trident nuclear missles. In the political deal making thats probably going to be coming in the next few months my guess is that the lib dem drug policy will be traded for leverage on other issues or at least watered down to suit the conservatives! :(
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