Will UK 24 hours drinking laws change?

By hamilton1985 · Sep 8, 2007 · ·
  1. hamilton1985
    Brown hints at 24-hour licensing rethink

    A review of 24-hour alcohol licensing has been ordered by Gordon Brown following a study at London's St Thomas's Hospital that found an increase in the number of overnight A&E visits since the laws were relaxed. The Home Office will consult police and local authorities in problem areas, but the prime minister stressed there was no need to 'rush to judgement'. Meanwhile a call for age-based drinking guidelines to go alongside those based on gender has been made by professor of Gerontology at Brunel University, Mary Gilhooly. While older people are less able to metabolise alcohol, the generation now hitting their sixties have traditionally been bigger drinkers than previous generations and are likely to remain so, she says. 'If you take a cohort that has always drunk a lot, like the baby boomers, they will probably drink a lot over the sensible limit when they are older,' she said, adding that many elderly people should be advised not to drink at all.

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  1. Purest
    I really hope they don't change liscensing laws, I hate having to make sure if I want to get something alcoholic in the evening I have to buy it before 11pm, yes I realise that sounds like a strange comment as not many people will even be awake and thinking "ill go shopping" at those times. But fact of the matter is, there have been many occasions where I've ended up out at 2am with a completely sober group of friends, and we've decided to go up the road to the Asda with 24 hour liscence and get a few drinks.

    Also, having a set time that pubs stop serving in the evenings means people are more likely to binge drink to make sure they're sufficiently drunk before 11 and there are no more drinks being served. Will the UK actually let us have any good laws regarding mind altering substances?
  2. Pondlife
    Not with a puritanical Scot in charge.
  3. BackToBasics
    Seems like they are trying to backtrack on a lot of things like that lately. Look at the Cannabis debate as well, they downgraded it, then started attacking it through the press again in an attempt to win peoples support to upgrade.

    This country is a damn shambles, they don't know their tits from their assholes.
  4. Heretic.Ape.
    Please remember to cite sources for articles, via a link preferably.
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