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Winnipeg police make huge drug bust

  1. buseman
    Winnipeg police say it’s the most cocaine they’ve ever seized at one time: more than 50 kilograms of the drug discovered in a truck intercepted on its way into the city on Sunday.

    Officers put the huge haul on display at Winnipeg’s Public Safety Building Tuesday afternoon: dozens of packages covered a boardroom table.

    Police say the seizure was part of a wider drug investigation, but wouldn’t go into detail on when or where it began.

    Members of the Winnipeg Police Organized Crime Unit stopped a semi trailer on the western edge of the city, on the Trans Canada Highway.

    Inside, they quickly found 4 kiograms of cocaine. Further investigation turned up another 47 kilograms of the drug. Police wouldn’t reveal details on how the illegal load was stored or hidden inside the vehicle.

    The value of the drugs seized was estimated at $2.5 million, but officers say this cocaine is in it’s purest form: had it been diluted with a cutting agent and sold in smaller amounts on the street, it could have fetched more than $10 million.

    Whether we are in a position to remove one kilo or 51 kilos, we’re always very pleased and again this one being as substantial as it is, it will have an impact, without a doubt, said Winnipeg police Constable Jason Michalyshen.

    Police the vehicle was travelling from British Columbia and only passing through Winnipeg – the drugs were intended for another destination in eastern Canada.

    Gurdarshan Singh Hansra, 47 years and Tirath Singh Bal 41 years of British Columbia have been charged with Trafficking in controlled drug or substance and Possessing substance for the purpose of trafficking.

    July 13, 2010


  1. Wavvv
    Theres way too much cocaine coming into Canada, even for SWIM's taste. It's becoming popular extremely fast in SWIM's town. It feels like the 80s :)
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