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with great power comes great responsability.

  1. highlikeplanes
    Snap back to reality.
    Past 3 days have all been a hazy blur
    Today was the first day of school and i didnt go. I had to sleep off the drugs and catch up on sleep
    I sorta have motivation to go but..... all i really wanna do is meth and read and learn about everything and anything for the rest of my life, lol.
    I know school is important though cause what else could you do with all the info acquired through self education ?
    Nobodys going to take a high school drop-out seriously.
    Therefore you must seek out the most best and biggest degree that you could possibly get , so that you will look important and 'smart' to the people of society.

    Sucks doesnt it ? You could come up with something HUGE and people will ask, and your response will be... oh i have a degree in wikipedia and internet articles. Lol.

    On another note, i hate everyone. I treat people like gold and they always always screw me over one way or another. It is a reminder why i dont have friends. I get very lonely sometimes though and that makes it hard
    Its also hard to keep my cool and composure when people are treating me poorly and i want so bad to go against all my beliefs and responsability and just do the exact same thing to them, but worse. I really hope i am allowed to make mistakes sometimes and arent expected to be perfect. I can only handle so much before i explode.

    I pray that every decision i make from here on out are the right ones that lead me on the path of ultimate freedom and happiness. Sometimes black and white perspective turns to grey and it is extremely difficult to know what is right. Signs of advice become confusing. I must put all the trust in myself and the universe. I must keep my head up and carry on strong. I must let nobody destroy my knowing and my soul. I must keep my eye on the prize.

    Im so sorry if i seem like such a nutcase in some of my blogs. I dont expect a lot if any to understand. My hopes and dreams is for others like me to come across my blog and gain some insight and reassurance and get excited about their journey all over again.

    Yours truly ! <3


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