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Witness alleges death threats followed slow ecstasy sales for pill press owner

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A FORMER Queensland drag racing icon purchased a pill press to produce ecstasy tablets and threatened one of his dealers he could be killed if his sales quota was not met on time, a court has been told.

    The Brisbane Magistrates Court was told Brett Raymond Stevens, 45, bought a press from contacts in Sydney during 2007 to produce large quantities of the illicit drug MDMA – known as ecstasy – for sale in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

    Martin Thomas Kirkby yesterday testified that Stevens (pictured), who he came to know through their mutual interest in motor racing, threatened him that people from Sydney would have him killed if the drugs were "not moved" fast enough.

    Kirkby testified he struck up a friendship with Stevens when the champion drag racer offered to build him a car and let him drive for his team.

    However, Kirkby said a short time later Stevens revealed his purchase of a pill press and plans to purchase MDMA from NSW contacts for $90,000 a kilogram and profit from it through making ecstasy tablets for a street sale of $9.50 a pill.

    Stevens, a three-time national drag racing champion, is charged with seven offences, including the production of MDMA and cannabis, supplying amphetamines, trafficking illicit drugs and possessing tainted property. He has not yet been required to enter a plea.

    Kirkby, while being questioned by prosecutor Chris Minnery, said he struck up a friendship with Stevens during a race meeting at Willowbank at Ipswich.

    He said that not long after they met, Stevens told him of his purchase of the pill press and plans to produce MDMA tablets in large quantities.

    Kirkby said he later introduced Stevens to an associate, Kieran Brown, and they arranged to manufacture ecstasy tablets in large quantities.

    He said Stevens spoke of how he was purchasing MDMA from "Serbs" in Sydney.

    "Brett said Kieran had been making the pills . . . and we needed to get rid of them to pay the Serbs in Sydney," he said.

    "Kieran gave me 5000 pills to get rid of within a week . . . (and Stevens) said he had a friend that was stripper . . . he had given 1000 pills (to sell)."

    The court was told quantities of 40,000 pills at a time were given to dealers to sell.

    Kirkby said Stevens later confronted him about not selling the pills fast enough and warned him he could be killed if his sales quotas were not met.

    The committal hearing continues tomorrow.

    Tony Keim
    From: The Courier-Mail
    August 16, 2010 7:53PM



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