Woman accused of altering prescription slips

By chillinwill · Sep 6, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A La Crosse woman is accused of forging her prescription slip to include a drug used to treat intestinal parasites and another that doesn't exist.

    Theresa Boudreau, 44, presented the typed slip from a Franciscan Skemp Medical Center doctor to Walgreen's at 900 S. West Ave. about 8:15 a.m. Friday, according to La Crosse police reports.

    The paper included a handwritten prescription for Graziquartet, a drug the pharmacist wasn't familiar with, reports stated. The hospital doctor said she only prescribed a drug for acid reflux and said Graziquartet is not a known prescription drug.

    Boudreau denied altering the medication order, but the handwriting on a card attached to her driver's license detailing her mediations matched the writing on the prescription slip, reports stated.

    She was arrested on a charge of alteration of a medication prescription and due in La Crosse County Circuit Court later today.

    Auust 31, 2009
    LA Crosse Tribune

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  1. lewk
    Hahahaha, that'd be the worst way of getting caught out..

    Prescribing yourself a drug that doesn't exist.

    massive LOL
  2. missparkles
    She must have a mental health problem. Sparkles has heard of people forging scripts for stuff they want, but never for stuff that don't exist. Crazy.:crazy
  3. anonuser30500
    It only takes a quick phonecall to the GPs surgery and your forgery would be spotted. Another quick call would see the police called.

    Bear in mind the main prescription drugs, which are abused, are always going to make you stand out as you order them.

    In Swims local pharmacies all the staff are well on top of the many scams. Despite this a true heroin addict will generally still find some scam.

    Give the heroin addicts their due, they won't be ordering non existent drugs, and they will generally get the clever addict to spell check!
  4. old hippie 56
    Must be some good sh*t man, pharmaceuticals companies are keeping it under wraps.;)
  5. DF007
    Of all things, I don't see (other than the obvious) why someone would try and 'modify' a typed prescription with additional handwriting. Thats someone who is desperate.

    I recall back many years ago, a Friend of mine used to take the blank prescription forms from the doctors offices and write his own.

    After a very short while, Walgreen's had him on some kind of 'watch' list and would deny all prescriptions.

    I don't know about all areas, but here where SWIM lives, they don't use these any longer. Everything is printed on 'official' paper from a computer and it looks as if you were to try and photocopy it that it would show a 'void' watermark.
  6. Impure157
    Same here, no doctor I've ever seen has a script pad anymore they all print it on very special paper with watermarks that is impossible to photocopy.
  7. missparkles
    Sparkles doc still has a pad he uses, but only for stuff that has to be written. For example, when prescribing elastic bandages, you know, specific sizes, or instructions to the pharmacist.
    Usually they use computerised scripts now.
    Sparkles used to be able to write a fair script, back in the days.;) Dying art now.:eek:
    Take care.
  8. old hippie 56
    My doc calls mine in and the drugstore delivers!
  9. nomud
    Swim went through crap with handwritting expert[swim's signature forged] Handwritting expert was wanker,even with 40 years experience and numerous awards,still didn't know his ass from hole in ground.It's an art,not a science.Swim proved both govt and expert are liars and third class piss ants.For some reason govt forged papers,and didn't use same forged signature on carbon copy.Thus carbon copy didn't match original.Govt backed off quickly.Swim says this lady didn't break law in any meaningful way.Let her go!
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