Woman Accused Of Injecting Her Children With Meth And Pimping Them Out

By NotAJediOrSith · Mar 26, 2018 · ·
  1. NotAJediOrSith
    In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A. one Michelle Mayer, 39 years of age, was charged with two counts of repeated sexual assault of a child-party to a crime on Thursday (03/22/18). She allegedly allowed men to systematically abuse her two young children sexually over the course of several years in return for drugs and money. The practice is said to have begun years ago when Mayer allowed different men into her mother's home. Allegedly the men would give her methamphetamine, cocaine and money for permission to sexually and physically assault her kids. The children were ages 6 and 9 years old, according to a criminal complaint. Mayer's mother claimed she was unaware of the assaults taking place until 2017.

    According to a confidential informant the children were threatened into submission and ordered to perform sexual acts, as well as pose naked for pictures. The same complaint claims that Mayer was present when the assaults happened. The informant also said that she regularly forced the children to use drugs, claiming that Mayer would inject methamphetamine into them in order to keep them awake. It has been reported that the two children were injected with meth in an excess of over 100 times. Also, said complaint goes on to allege that if the children were to protest that Mayer would strike them with a baseball bat.

    Investigators say that the Department of Health Services "had numerous reports regarding Mayer maltreating... children." An officer with the Eau Claire Police Department noted that the investigation into the mistreatment was "difficult in fear of retribution and retaliation on the part of people involved." Currently the case is still under investigation, prompting the police department to decline on commenting.

    This begs the question of how can such sexual assault cases go on undetected for such an extended period of time?

    "These are really hard cases," said Public Information Officer Bridget Coit with the Eau Clair Police Department in reference to sexual assault cases in general. "They're really hard for the victim, their families, and officers and other authorities trying to investigate those. They include multiple components, sometimes the delay in reporting can result in lack of evidence, fear on the victim's part of making a report, or the child's development at the time the abuse starts or when they decide to make the report." The police noted that in sexual assault cases it can take a week, months or even years for a victim to come forward and make the report.

    "That doesn't mean these cases can't be successful," Coit said. "Our officers and other victim advocates and our community members who are involved in these types of cases are trained to overcome some of those barriers and help the victim as best as possible."

    Eau Claire Police said the majority of children they interview are involved in sexual abuse cases, in which they work closely with the Child Advocacy Center. Coit adds that it isn't just children they are concerned about in sexual assault cases, but adults or anyone who is a victim of the abuse and that they'll continue to provide the best practices and resources to the victims and their families.

    As it currently stands Michelle Mayer is facing up to 80 years in prison and the police are now investigating the men who allegedly assaulted the children. They also added that a safety plan is in effect to take care of the children, who were obviously removed from her care.

    How do you feel about this act of depravity? What responsibility, if any, do you feel lies with Michelle Mayer's mother, whose house is claimed to have been the location of the abuse?

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    Written by: K.C. Brown and Abigail Hantke, Mar 22, 2018, Police say woman charged in exchanging children for sexual assault for drugs is still under investi, WEAU13 News

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  1. ladywolf2012
    "Excellent thorough article"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 29, 2018
    The article writer appears to have researched the materially thoroughly, and has reported significant details. As brutal, inhuman, and almost unbelievable as the material presented is, the article stays balanced and neutral, which must have been difficult for any feeling human writer to maintain. High scores for this one.
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  1. yesplsg
    This is actually so terribly, but could nobody see physical signs of meth use with the children?
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    1. NotAJediOrSith
      I know! When I first read this I thought it was an over-sensationalized.scare tactic.

      I just cannot believe that the lady's mother did not notice anything out of sorts there... It made me almost cry when I put myself into the shoes of a nine year old who'd been injected with methamphetamine. Hell, it scared me at times when I use to use it, I just cannot fathom that god-awful feeling those poor babies had to feel.
    2. yesplsg
      I just don't understand how you can do such horrible things and ruin such innocence.
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  2. ladywolf2012
    This story is absolutely appallingly horrible. How could any mother...?

    These children are going to be damaged for life. It is hard to imagine that any amount of counseling is going to be sufficient to deal with the level of PTSD they will carry around with them for the rest of their lives. Not to mention the likely impossibility of them ever forming "normal" intimate relationships with anyone.

    I hope that this mother is punished beyond the full extent of the law!
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  3. ladywolf2012
    P.S. (Since I can't edit)...I can't believe that the grandmother knew nothing about what was going on in her own house, either!
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  4. claimranger
    With fake news, it has probably been blown out of proportion. Like the other comment, I would think kids injected over 100 times would be addicted and have really bad problems. Is there something to this, probably I have heard of heroin addicts selling kids, but injecting with meth for days and hitting with a baseball bat. That is pretty extreme for no one to notice. That is not a big city in Wisconsin. Like most smaller towns you have the gossip, but yet everyone knows what is going on with everyone. Based on my experience with journalist and other stories I knew the facts on, but when reported they were full of lies.
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    1. Kreekerjville
      It reads. going on overa period of years.
  5. ladywolf2012
    So let's say that the truth is somewhere between what was reported, and what you are suggesting? Maybe mama only shot up her kids a few times. Oh well, not such a big deal. Maybe she only pimped one out, not the other. Oh well, not such a big deal...Maybe grandma didn't watch, she just knew about it. No big deal, right!

    Hell of a big deal. I can't wait to see how this one plays out in the courts. Do you not believe it because you can't? As a counselor in professional practice for twenty years until I retired, I am open to believing any kind of evil can be perpetrated on children, and IS. We'll let the law dig a bit deeper into this one...
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  6. SirDabathin
    Speaking on the matter of evil being perpetuated on to children.

    I always like to refer a quote that I heard.

    "Whenever you are around kids, you are a loaded gun, it just depends on if you pull the trigger or not."
  7. kumar420
    Unfortunately not an uncommon problem...
    My aunt in Ottawa was a social worker who did house calls in the four bad neighborhoods (Byward market aka downtown, Vanier, Richie and caldwell.
    There was a building in caldwell calld regina towers, where people whoring out kids for meth, heroin and crack was commonplace.
    Cops would be there at least once a day removing kids from unfit homes and sending them to foster homes after processing...
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