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Woman arrested after baby tests positive for meth

  1. ZenobiaSky
    18850.jpg COLUMBUS, Neb. — A Columbus woman set to be sentenced for dealing drugs has been arrested again after authorities say she gave birth to a baby who tested positive for methamphetamine.

    The Columbus Telegram reports (http://bit.ly/W0Qhov) that sentencing for 32-year-old Kristal Thomas was postponed so that she could give birth last week.

    On Wednesday, five days after giving birth, Thomas was jailed on Wednesday after doctors reported meth in the baby's system.

    The baby boy was removed from Thomas' custody.

    Earlier this year, Thomas pleaded no contest to two counts of delivery of marijuana. She is set to be sentenced for that conviction next month.

    The Associated Press January 12, 2013


  1. ZenobiaSky
    Another story in my neck of the woods. I see these kind of things and think some people just shouldn't be allowed to have children. You need a license to drive, to hunt, even to fish, but not to be a parent. I know that's a controversial thing, but I watched my friend do the same thing. When her daughter was born, everyone held their breathe when she came out. She was ok, but did have some learning disabilities, as for long term, I don't have contact with her anymore. She got pregnant again and I couldn't do it, I had to walk away.
  2. curlysue
    Whenever I hear of stuff like this, it pisses me off and breaks my heart at the same time. It pisses me off that the mother is more worried about her own selfish desire to get high than the wellbeing of her unborn child. It breaks my heart that the child may have to grow up with various mental or physical impediments because of the choices that their mom made.

    I used to be a frequent user of various substances. I would take ecstasy every couple of months, usually do a gram or two of cocaine on weekends, drink alcohol at least three or four times a week, and I smoked marijuana on a daily basis. At the beginning of 2010, I noticed that I was having very adverse reactions after smoking marijuana. I would become nauseated and get so dizzy that I wouldn't be able to stand up. A week later a positive pregnancy test confirmed what my body was trying to tell me by making me sick after using, it was time to stop taking drugs. I immediately stopped using all drugs and alcohol.

    I had friends that told me of how they continued to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana during pregnancy and said that their children turned out fine. Who's to say that problems wont arise in future years, though?

    A girl I used to be friends with told me that when she found out that she was pregnant with her second child, she intended to have an abortion. She was a heavy heroin user and didn't want another child (her exhusband has sole custody of their son). Her older sister, not aware of her sisters drug use, begged her not to have an abortion and she would adopt the baby. She didn't have an abortion and continued to inject heroin on a daily basis. When she was seven months pregnant she went into labor and actually waited on her dealer to bring her heroin so she could use before going to the hospital. She ended up giving birth to a 4 pound baby girl in the elevator at the hospital. Of course, the child was addicted to heroin, and she had to be treated with methadone for withdrawls. Luckily, the girl is a normal, healthy ten year old today. I've heard that story from my (former) friend countless times. She would tell anyone about it, almost as if it was funny to her or she was bragging about it. I never heard her tell the story with any amount of remorse.

    I had another friend whos mother used a lot of LSD during pregnancy. My friend was born with one kidney and one testicle. He has never ejaculated, either. He said that while having sex he can experience all the feelings of an orgasm, but he has never emitted any semen.
  3. MoonLitCrystal
    I get pissed when I see a visibly pregnant woman standing around smoking a cigarette. Tobacco is very hard to quit, I get that. But come on, you have a helpless human being inside you that is 100% dependent on you. Same goes for pregnant women that drink and do drugs. I used to see a pregnant girl in the neighborhood that was constantly doing pills & scoring weed. Made me sick. The baby can't make the choice to stay drug free, it's your job to do that!
  4. Moving Pictures
    What is the charge? Or was it the fact that she was on probation for selling pot and her baby (therefore her) tested positive for meth? Just curious cus I've seen a bunch of girls around here get their kids taken away at birth when they tested positive for drugs but the girls were never arrested for it. I didn't know it was even an actual crime to use drug while pregnant (I know that using drugs is a crime but I mean the using while pregnant). Not that I support anyone using while pregnant, that's fucked up.

    I know you get addicted and it's hard to stop but when you have a child inside you, you gotta make a choice. I remember shooting dope with my cousin while she was pregnant (not my proudest moment) and she defended it to me and I guess herself by saying how she didn't want the baby and was going to have it aborted anyway so it didn't matter. Well she never got around to having the abortion but did quit using (hospital detox) like 3 months in. She put the baby up for adoption and I guess it came out okay, I don't know. So it's fucked up.
  5. Frmrjunkie
    Stories like this infuriate me! It is absolutely not acceptable to do illicit drugs, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes while pregnant. Yes, agreed it's a controversial subject, but not everyone should be allowed to have children. Hopefully by the time a female's old enough that she's having sex, she knows where babies come from. Not one bit of my buys into that bullshit "I don't believe in abortion" line. We're not talking about the fucking Easter bunny here; I promise you abortion does exist!

    I'm a 40 year old woman & I've done my fair share of drugs, drinking & cigarette smoking. Don't do so much drugs anymore, but still drink (on occasion) & smoke cigarettes all day, every day. Guess what, I've never had children either.

    Just because it's biological possible that I reproduce doesn't mean that I have to do so. These women that are putting all that shit into their body have no right having babies. The world is fucked up & hard enough already, no need to intensify it with addicted, mentally &/or physically messed up babies. Especially when birth defects could have been prevented by not ingesting those substances. The only possible exception to continuing drug usage while pregnant are women severely, physically addicted to opiates. If the woman is doing everything else right (eating well, vitamins, no cigs, booze, etc) then she should switch to methadone as severe opiate withdrawal can cause more damage than ingesting methadone.

    Have known many a drug dealer over the years. Not one of them that would sell to pregnant women. Some of them would sell to kids (13+,) but not a one to a pregnant woman.

    Shit, sorry for my ranting ass tirade here. This kind of stuff really angers me & making me mad is not an easy feat! As much as I would like to keep the government off my body, in cases like this I'm all for forced sterilization.
  6. KeepOnTrying
    I'd been off meth for about 9 months and was over 30 when I found out I was pregnant. I spent hours/days/months scouring the internet and worried sick that my previous use would somehow harm my baby. I can't even begin to imagine the thought process that makes it OK to harm your baby. My baby was fine and now is an extremely intelligent, gifted six year old. My 4 year old however has a physical deformity (nothing severe) and global developmental delays (NOT going to let them label her with Autism just so they can check a little box). I was almost four years clean when I had her and to this DAY I wonder if it was my previous use that caused her problems.

    I type that and feel like such a hypocrite. One thing I detest is a hypocrite (and a liar). I suppose I CAN imagine the thought process. It must be much the same as mine right now. I'm a mother and i'm back using after seven clean years. I have a million and one justifications as to 'why' I think it makes me a better mother and wife, but I know better.

    I suppose there will be people out there that find me just as reprehensible as this woman.

    Maybe I am....
  7. Phaeton
    My oldest has fetal alcohol syndrome, "its just beer" she would say.

    He is 27 now and has a job with an understanding management, but he is not happy. I doubt he will ever be happy.
    He is not suicidal anymore and quit shooting drugs, but the FAS dominates his moment to moment existance past the point of being a mere annoyance.

    Exactly what his life would have been with a drug free gestation is unknown, but undeniably it would have been better than what he has now.

    We cope, it is all that can be done, no redeals in the rules.
  8. ZenobiaSky
    I believe she will be charged with Possession by ingestion, I don't know that for a fact, but I do know around my neck of the woods they like using that one if that know you're involved but don't catch you red handed so to speak.
  9. KeepOnTrying
    Re: Re: Woman arrested after baby tests positive for meth

    Hmmm thats interesting... Brings up a whole new discussion. Texas does not have a law like that. (that I know of)....

    A fr o a fr just (yesterday) came out of A two week coma after swallowing a half oz of meth.

    She was going to jail for a simple hot check and knew they would find the shit. She knew she couldn't be charged with possession if it had already been consumed....

    Damn Idk how I feel about that. ..
  10. ZenobiaSky
    Wow, that's scary, she's lucky she didn't die!!!
    I found out about this while I was in treatment, one of the guys there had gone to prison for Possession by Ingestion. I asked some other people about it, and they said yeah that they were really cracking down. Personally I think that's just wrong, they are putting a whole new twist on things. But I suppose in the case of your FOAF a law like that may have prevented her OD. And in the case of this lady, I think it's well applied.
  11. ZenobiaSky
    Correction: Possession by Ingestion is in South Dakota, I'm not sure if Nebraska has a similar law.
  12. ZenobiaSky
    I have been checking to see what the charge is, but that county doesn't happen to have their records as easily accessible as my county. But as soon as I find out something, I'll post another update
  13. kailey_elise
    I thought the charge would be Child Abuse/Neglect or Child Endangerment or something to that effect...
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