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Woman claims abduction, arrested on drug charges

By torachi, Jan 20, 2011 | |
  1. torachi
    NORWALK -- A woman who slipped into the secure gated parking lot behind Norwalk police headquarters early Wednesday morning and claimed to have been kidnapped by the female passenger inside her car, was busted for possession of PCP and marijuana.

    Lisa Tamburri, 24, of 22 Noah's Lane, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was held by police in lieu of $2,000 bond.

    At 2:22 a.m. Wednesday, Tamburri, who was driving a blue Ford SUV, followed a police cruiser through a gate and into the secured parking lot of the police department.

    She then jumped out of the vehicle and excitedly told the officer who she just followed through the gate that she had been abducted by a 37-year-old female passenger sitting inside the car.

    The passenger explained that she, Tamburri and another female friend had been smoking the hallucinogenic PCP all day in Bridgeport until they ran out and got some more in Stamford later Tuesday evening.
    When police searched Tamburri's vehicle, they found a small amount of PCP and marijuana.

    The other woman in Tamburri's car was not arrested, but a third 17-year-old girl, who the two were with earlier was found to have three failure to appear at court warrants filed against her in Bridgeport.

    Published: 01:33 p.m., Wednesday, January 19, 2011



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