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Woman dies after taking 'legal high' to lose weight

  1. Balzafire
    A young woman who thought she was overweight died after taking a ‘legal high’ to lose weight.

    Loved ones could not convince pretty Sarah Forsyth, 35, she looked fine and urged her to stop taking Ivory Wave, bath salts which have been known to contain a banned drug.

    But the Braintree woman, whose weight was affected by taking insulin for Type 1 diabetes, died on Saturday after falling into a coma for 12 days.

    Her parents believe Ivory Wave killed their only daughter, and are calling for it to be banned and for websites selling it to be shut down.

    Mother Mary Moyle, known as Margaret, said: “I don’t know what’s in this stuff but whoever is selling it they need to find these people and shut them down so they can’t make any other people’s lives a misery.”

    27 August 2010


  1. Rainbowzz
    While I frankly don't think anyone should be taking this legal high until it has been studied a great deal further so we know more about it, I also do not beleive that in this case the drug can be blamed totally.

    Had this woman not been able to access Ivory Wave, she would have found something else. Clearly there was some sort of eating disorder coming into play here. Women AND men have been taking speed in many forms for a long time in the hopes of gaining weight, and I am willing to bet that a few have died because of it, or gone crazy, or lost too much, or became ill.

    The fact of the matter is that when you have mental health problems AND physical health problems, and end up taking a drug with clear physical health dangers, dying because of it is unfortunate but also just something that happens.

    I doubt if this woman had been buying Dexedrine and the same thing happened, they would be calling to ban Dexedrine. If she was taking Crystal Meth or Ecstacy for the same reason, I wonder what the reaction would have been.

    If this poor girls family KNEW she was taking it, and it contained a banned drug, which clearly drugs are banned to save lives right(sarcasm)? Why did they not step in and get her the help she needs? There were many things they might do. Why did they not offer to pay for a therapist or get her to a mental health services provider - and also, get her to her doctor! If she felt that strongly about her weight, her doctor would be the best place for her to go to make a weight loss plan. I feel like the family in this could have done much much more for this girl. Clearly they cannot stop her if she was going to but I don't feel like the drug itself can be blamed for doing anything more but being a drug - and all drugs have side effects.
  2. Alfa
    Wow. Now that's twisted. According to analysis, Ivory Wave contains MPDV and it is already banned. Are they going to ban it twice?
  3. godztear
    I don't see much truth behind this story. A lot of negative media is coming across upon Ivory Wave, be it as dangerous as it may be....stories seam to be coming out of the woodwork.
  4. source
    When I read the article all I could do was sigh, MDPV seems to be the main content in most things these days... I expect all they will do next is change the name to something like Ebony Stream or Puppy Powder and the whole ridiculous cycle will start all over again. Why consume something without knowing the content anyway?
    I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting pretty bored of all this kinda shit now, swim's sticking to what she knows and advises everybody who still wants to continue buying whatever off whoever to invest in a test kit.

    Whatever next :s
  5. corvardus
    Something is not quite right here. It seems to SWIM that the parents are latching on to this substance and to placate their daughters' reputation they are fabricating the "weight loss" excuse to turn an irresponsible use of drugs into "this victim died to lose weight"

    With research there are plenty of products that do not have the "side effect" of getting high and increase the effects of weight loss. This seems to me like she got unlucky and the excuse is spun to give the meaning around the death some sort of more honourable aura about it.

    SWIM is just going to chalk this death up to yet another statistic in the governments irresponsible and irrational drugs policy and the hands of politicians have yet another layer of blood on their hands.
  6. missparkles
    Why didn't this young woman just go to the pharmacy and buy Alli? Perhaps she used that excuse, her weight, to justify using this substance. Unfortunately, lying to enable one to continue using something that is felt as pleasurable, is so common. Maybe this lady was doing just that.

    Nowadays with all of the TV commercials about sensible eating everyone knows that the best way to lose weight is to retrain your eating habits.

    The other thing, if this woman was eating less, and hoping to lose weight, that would have definitely affected her diabetic condition, so has this been ruled out as the cause yet? So many "ifs" and "buts." Perhaps the parents could get food banned, cos it's the result of over eating that first made this young woman overweight?

    But the bottom line is a parent has lost a daughter, and this is reason enough to change the law, from what we have now, archaic laws, that actually encourage this type of tragedy. I do feel for the parents, and their need to reach for any crumb that gives them comfort. They're just misinformed. Another tragedy.

  7. DiabolicScheme
    Who in their right mind takes a largely unknown substance when you have diabetes? Diabetics are supposed to be very careful about what they take in. This woman died from carelessness and likely her condition.

    Though SWIM thinks Ivory Wave does need to take a hike, nothing but bad things about it on this forum.
  8. LadyGrinningSoul
    Swim is themselves diabetic and understands swiys concern. However, swim is very careful - they monitor their blood sugar levels, eat when needed and look after themselves properly. They have used ivory wave amongst other things on many occasions.
    Of course there have been times where they have gone OTT and have had some problems. However they have learnt from their mistakes and take due care of themselves. Its about moderation and keeping an eye on themselves.
  9. snapper
    MDPV is very easy to binge on, and many days of no sleep and enhanced metabolism could easily trigger a hypoglycemic crisis. For some this drug is hard to stop once started. Also, who knows what else is in it...
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