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  1. chillinwill
    A Bringle Ferry Road resident eagerly awaiting a new computer ripped open a large box delivered by UPS on Tuesday morning to find 45 pounds of marijuana.

    Sarah Howell Leach, of 1017 Bringle Ferry Road, immediately called Salisbury police to report the delivery.

    Lt. Rodney Harris, acting chief of the Salisbury Police Department, said the marijuana is worth an estimated $35,000 in today's market. A few years ago it would have been worth considerably more.

    The package from McAllen, Texas, was sent overnight to be delivered to another mobile home in the park. The UPS driver mistakenly delivered the box to the wrong address.

    Harris said officers immediately set up surveillance of the mobile home — which has been vacant for months — hoping the intended recipient would pick up the shipment. The recipient was listed as "Jack Lance" on the package.

    The box of marijuana was placed at the mobile home under the watchful eyes of police.

    After several hours, when school ended and more children were in the park, officers reclaimed the package.

    The marijuana was packaged in a large bale and in several smaller blocks — all wrapped tightly in pink plastic. And the package smelled of air freshener, apparently aimed at disguising the contents.

    Harris said police have contacted the SBI, which is assisting with the investigation.

    And Leach did get her computer. FedEx delivered it later Tuesday.

    By Jessie Burchette
    February 24, 2010
    Salisbury Post


  1. themidnighttoker
    Interesting story...maybe SWIM should look into ordering a new computer...
  2. chillinwill
    Why couldn't this happen to Red Rock? Or at least to someone that would make good use of the marijuana?
  3. themidnighttoker
    Exactly. The first thing that came to mind when I read this was...

    Sarah Howell Leach...

    What a tool.
  4. Sylentear
    ah... swim would've gotten some of it and reported the rest to the cops. dang.
  5. Guttz
    Swim was thinking the exact same thing.
  6. MrG
    So she signed for a package that was addressed to someone else and then opened it? Isn't that a felony?
  7. Motorhead
    Well the package was to be dropped off at a vacant trailor. I was wondering the same thing myself, but apparenty you can arrange to have packages dropped off without having to sign for them at arrival. My wife said she used to do this for Avon orders in the past when she knew she wouldnt be home at the time. Perhaps this is the case.

    Even still, then why would you even open something with someones elses name on it? Guess she was damn eager for that computer.
  8. Sylentear
    ah... swim might just be right. she was curious as to what was inside, had it opened, took some of it and reported the rest!

    omg why didn't this happen to the rest of us?
  9. ODB
    Sounds like the recipient was being watched and this convenient mix up just so happened to expose this operation.

    It sounds like a familiar story I have heard before. BTW who the fuck opens miss delivered packages? The guys in the movie 'next day air'?
  10. nickelz34
    This needs to happen to me
  11. Horiz
    Stuff like this happens, some people have found keys of coke washed up at the beach. Only the ones who hand it in tell people about it, I wonder how many people have mistakingly been delivered/found something :vibes:
  12. SplitDecision
    SWIM would be afraid of keeping it and having a gang come looking for it. Safer just to turn it in, maybe SWIY could claim it after 90 days...:D
  13. TheOpium
    SWIM would have never called the police :)
  14. Rin_Weh
    Maybe SWIM's weird but she'd be, "Where's my f***ing computer?".
    Or she'd just sell the weed.
  15. Terrapinzflyer
    45 pounds- worth, by their inflated estimates, 35k- = dirt weed. not worth the hassles...hello police- please come take the shit away.
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