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  1. torachi
    VISTA, Calif. -- A motorist whose compact car struck and killed an 18-year-old Carlsbad High School senior pleaded guilty Friday to felony hit-and-run causing injury or death.

    Lisa Hutchinson, 45, faces up to a year in jail and probation when she is sentenced Jan. 20 at the Vista Courthouse. Investigators from the Carlsbad Police Department determined that she was not at fault in the student's death.

    Hutchinson was driving her Toyota Corolla the night of March 5 when she hit Steven Kelley in the middle of the street as he tried to cross El Camino Real in Carlsbad, just south of Camino Vida Roble.

    A second car struck the victim as well, but that driver stopped, according to police.

    Police said Kelley and a friend had consumed a hallucinogenic tea made from wild jimson weed the night of the collision. According to toxicology reports, Kelley also had marijuana in his system.

    Hutchinson, who lived in Carlsbad at the time, told investigators she noticed the damage to her car when she got home and tried later to return to the crash scene, but couldn't find one.

    Police said Hutchinson called them March 6 when she read about Kelley's death in the newspaper.

    POSTED: 2:36 pm PST December 17, 2010



  1. godztear
    Wow, I wonder what substances ol Hutchinson was on to not know that they hit a human in the middle of the street! Or would it be safe to assume that they very well knew they hit a person and did not want to be caught being up to no good. Max sentence of 1 year is pretty light considering there was a death involved regardless if the victim was out of their mind hallucinating.
  2. Moving Pictures
    Yeah, I was surprised one year is the MAX for hit and run that resulted in a death. I really don't see how it's possible to hit someone and not realize it either. I mean, I notice when I run over a skunk or a racoon or a possum or something like that. I can't even imagine not realizing you just stuck a human. And the kid was at fualt anyway. If she would have stopped, she wouldn't have gotten in trouble. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a few drinks in here or something.
  3. robinweed
    why did they have to make it known that he was on drugs that probably made the parents more upset and did no good informing the public. Guess the police dont care tho if they caused more pain.
  4. torachi
    The toxicology of the victim, since he was over 18, would probably be in the public domain due to the Freedom of Info Act.

    Ethical or not, journalists will always report all the details they can, and fudge when they need to.

    It's probably a huge part of her defense, too.
  5. robinweed
    Well mabey they should fudge on this one, is there no respect left in the world. Who thought of the parents in this?!?
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