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Woman reports drug deal gone bad to Taunton police

By Balzafire, Oct 30, 2010 | |
  1. Balzafire
    Taunton — If there existed a better business bureau for drug dealers, she might well have called to lodge a complaint.

    A city woman last week, according to cops, came into the police station to complain that her drug dealer ripped her off for $90 with which she had intended to use to buy Percocet pills — a Class B controlled substance and popular pain killer that belongs to the oxycodone family of narcotics.

    The 53-year-old woman said that when she went to “The Bowl” — also known as Sikorski Field in East Taunton — to meet her connection things went awry, when her alleged dealer pocketed her cash but left before completing the transaction.

    The woman allegedly told cops her dealer recently had similarly taken advantage of another female, which she said “was not right,” and that she “just wanted to let us (police) know.”

    She was not charged with an offense and was informed by a detective that her grievance would be investigated.

    Staff Writer
    Posted Oct 30, 2010


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