Woman Shot After Deputies Watch Prescription Drug Buy

By radiometer · Aug 22, 2006 · ·
  1. radiometer
    Woman Shot After Deputies Watch Prescription Drug Buy


    5:09 p.m. CDT August 21, 2006

    LINCOLN, Neb. - A Falls City woman was shot when deputies got word that a felony drug deal was allegedly happening at a retirement home. Ann Marx was shot on Aug. 13 in Falls City. After the incident, the Nebraska State Patrol would only say the 52-year-old was shot while being contacted by a deputy.

    Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said on Monday that Richardson County Deputy Todd Landis and his partner heard about a felony drug deal at a Falls City retirement home, and when they arrived, deputies said they saw Marx hand over money and receive prescription drugs. Two deputies allegedly jumped out of the bushes and ordered Marx to stop. She was already in her car and leaving, and that's when the gun accidentally went off, Bruning said.

    "He believes it was an accident," Bruning said. "The facts are his gun went off one time, and a bullet went through the driver's side, hit Ms. Marx above the left eye and killed her."

    Bruning has appointed a special prosecutor to handle the case and under Nebraska state law a grand jury will investigate the death.

    Judge Daniel Bryan had put a secrecy order on the investigation, but Bruning spoke about it anyway, saying the public had a right to know what happened.

    "Testimony before a grand jury is secret. The identities of grand jurors are secret. But the facts of a case are not secret," Bruning said. "Judge Bryan is not going to stifle the public's right to know any more than Judge Burns is going to stifle the pubic's right to know."

    Bruning's Burns reference is Judge Steven Burns, who issued a gag order against Bruning in February to keep the attorney general from talking about the case against impeached University of Nebraska Regent David Hergert.

    Bruning said he'll team up with state Sen. Ernie Chambers to introduce legislation that will clarify releasing the facts in grand jury cases.


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  1. jesusfreak666er
    A shame, either way if it was an accident or not... swim will wait to judge when more info comes in but either way it is horrible and a crime and hope the cop is thoroughly prosecuted...
  2. bewilderment
    An accident or not, this whole drug war nonsense continues to make me nauseous. I wonder how many fatalities there have been due to this "war".
  3. Nahbus
    "The facts are his gun went off one time, and a bullet went through the driver's side, hit Ms. Marx above the left eye and killed her."
    When did cops look so deep into: Someone pulled the trigger of a gun and that bullet killed someone?
    Wait... isn't that.... MURDER?
    Oh wait.. it's a cop. It probably isn't murder, then. Just an accident. No biggie.
  4. Forthesevenlakes
    nahbus is right. so many cops get away with things like this. its as if victims suddenly lose their rights when the murderer is a cop. while i dont much care for cops, i'm sure that most of them would not willingly shoot an elderly woman, regardless of what she was doing. lets hope that instead of carrying on a secret investigation, the police will allow the internal investigation to be open and for the officer responsible to be held accountable for his actions. seems like when this happens, unfortunately, the worst that will happen is a paid suspension and a transfer. just look at what happened to the officers who murdered Diallo.
  5. snapper
    Even if it is an accident, they should at least be prosecuted for negligence (ever heard of a safety) and manslaughter - oh, and not be allowed to have a firearm again. You would think a professional peace officer would know how to use a gun safely. Sorta like that DEA agent that blew off his foot in front of a classroom of kids. Very sad that this sort of thing is allowed to happen. Makes all cops look bad (!)
  6. acexnx316
    That's a damn shame.
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