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Woman swallows 320 heroin-filled condoms

  1. gargravarr
    Customs officers in Sydney have intercepted an Australian woman who swallowed 320 condoms full of heroin in an attempt to smuggle the drug into the country.

    The 25-year-old Australian was stopped as she came off a flight from Singapore last Sunday, June 18, on suspicion that she was concealing drugs internally.

    She was taken to hospital for a medical examination, which revealed a large number of items in her stomach, the Australian Federal Police said.
    The woman has been in hospital under medical supervision while the condoms, containing approximately 300 grams of heroin, passed from her system.

    She has been charged with importing a marketable quantity of a border-controlled drug and was due to appear in Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday.

    The charge carries a maximum penalty of $825,000 and/or life imprisonment.


  1. IHrtHalucingens
    hmm how did they know/suspect that she was smuggling concealed drugs? Does she had a record of doing so? it seems thats the only way they would be suspicious, after all they are in her stomach not her pocket. Weird.
  2. podge
    if those condoms had broke inside her it would have been one insane overdose.hope the poor girl doesnt get life imprisonment.....
  3. gargravarr
    If the movie Maria Full of Grace is any true to life, they just pick them off at random and ask them questions. Otherwise, I suppose she could have been holding her stomach, or maybe just acting really weird? I dunno. Not like any authority needs a reason for their actions anyway.
  4. adzket
    swim knows someone whom works at an airport and used to work for an airline they are told to look out for people who don’t eat especially on long flight’s also those who don’t drink any alcohol as there is danger associated with this also when question people at the airport they will watch out for people who don’t have allot of money for there stay or who cant give straight answers as to where they have been or going, who with and the point of there travelling. also sometimes if a dealer is sending more than one person with drugs they often tip of customs them self’s so one gets caught and others get threw. she should be glad she got stopped in aus and not in Singapore, they should be more humane in aus and the prisons should be nicer.
  5. Daeron

    damn i misread the title...woodman swallows...

    and i was really happy that woodman made the news. well im kinda disappointed now..pfff
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