Woman treated for marijuana overdose =)

By BlueMystic · Jul 14, 2005 · ·
  1. BlueMystic

    Woman treated in marijuana overdose

    LATROBE, Pa. -- A Westmoreland County man faces charges for allegedly giving a marijuana-laced cookie to a co-worker.

    Ronald L. Thompson, 50, of Latrobe, gave the cookie to a 64-year-old woman during a work break at Westmoreland Plastics last month, Latrobe police said.

    The woman said she had no idea there was marijuana baked inside the cookie.

    She told police that she became ill and disoriented when she left work. She drove around for a while, then parked her car and called for help, and was treated at a hospital for a marijuana overdose, police said.

    Police searched Thompson's apartment and found four more marijuana cookies, a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

    Thompson faces charges of possession and possession with intent to deliver

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  1. moracca
    thats a good one. I like that.[​IMG]
  2. skitz0frantic
    they called it a "marijuana overdose" to scare ppl, and give the impression that "see, weed is dangerous"she was just trippin. marijuana od? what did they do at the hospital?? pump her stomach?! the probly sat her in a small room till she was finished trippin. baaah
  3. BeetleJuice
    Ahaha overdosing on mj,funny
  4. Nahbus
    Man, I OD on weed soemtimes. The worst side effects is the depletion of all the food in my house.
  5. Muirner
    Mary Jane: Marijuana is a dangerous drug, it leads to harder things
    Thurgood: Yea mostly the munchies and junk food.

    Fucking woman. I mean sure eating some pot when your not expecting it could be some crazy shit. And i'm sure she was good and fucked up, but if your really fucked up that bad that your gonna call 911, why are you driving around? Looking to get a DUI, fucking people

  6. elbow
    Something similar happened in Amsterdam last year, I think. There is a
    bakery on the Rozengracht that people were buying brownies from and a
    very small number of them turned out to have hash in them! It was very
    strange and I don't think they ever figured out how it happened or who
    was responsible.

    The people who unknowingly ate the hash-laced cakes also went to the
    hospital, I guess if you are inexperienced and not expecting to get
    really stoned then it can be a very frightening and disorienting
    experience. I would not classify such a thing as an "overdose"
    however...that is just silly, there was no real physical danger to any
    of these people, unless they got into a car accident or something from
    being uncoordinated.
  7. Sitbcknchill
    See why doesn't this shit ever happen to me...Gimme a God damn cookie!!!!
  8. Triple7
    Similar thing happened here in Sweden at Stockholm University. Some guy
    baked cookies and 'poissoned' quite a lot people. He got jail, but I
    don't know how much, but the funny thing, I got the impression that
    none of all these first timers got mad at this guy. I'm sure many of
    the vicitms got a positive attitude towards drugs after their first
  9. wednesday
    the cookie must have been HUUUUUUUUGE otherwise the article is bullshit
    a 300 lbs cookie man, that would really hit the spot

    doubt it
  10. Chaote
    Why would he cookie have to be huge it doesnt take that much more tan smoking when ingested orally and the effects are stronger
  11. Triple7
    I have aten 8g of hash.. and got quite sick.. but didn't feel stoned.
    Well, I had to take THC quite many times before I felt stoned from it..
    nowdays I do get stoned from a joint.. but at start, it was just
    headaches. I have no idea what changed me.. maybe it was datura +
    marjuana that changed me??

    Note that I never said what was in the cookies ;) Anyway, the guy had
    marjuana or hash in the cookies.. and he might aswell had something
    else in them.. that is what I suspect. Police said people were giggling
    and some friend of friend of freinds blabla.. said it was marjuana only.

    for rats: smoking is 23 times more potent than eating.. smoking 13lbs is quite a lot :p
  12. polloloco001
    weed does not work well orally if you just eat it straight like some
    kind of plant-chewing cow, but if you bake it correctly into the
    cookies you will get fucked up off one normal sized cookie or even half
    of one.
  13. Cure20
    Overdose thats the stupidest fuck'n thing I have ever heard. Does anybody really belive that? Are there really people out there somewhere that stupid? Hahahahahahahahaha.

    Sorry.....I went overboard on that one.
  14. katukulysm
    how do you overdose?
  15. Sklander
    I wish people would give me cookies "laced" with marijauna. Damn.
  16. cactus
    It happened here in australia too. A man had some mormons knock on his door telling him the joys of jesus , he asked them in for some tea and cake. poor bastards didnt know what hit em, then once they had realised what happened they thought they would be condemmed to hell for taking drugs.

    From memory the guy got 15 months., but he did make every poor bastard whos answered the door on a sunday to these evil fucker laugh like buggery.
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