Woman tried to smuggle drugs in rolls of body fat

By Phungushead · Sep 17, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Woman tried to smuggle drugs in rolls of body fat

    Pontiac -- A woman facing time for violating terms of her probation can expect to spend even more time in jail after trying to smuggle drugs inside the Oakland County Jail by concealing them in some of her body fat, sheriff's deputies said.

    Monique Hyder, 40, of Waterford Township appeared before Oakland Circuit Judge Lisa Gorcyca on Monday afternoon for sentencing for violating terms of her parole in a June 2008 child abuse conviction.

    Hyder's bond was revoked and she was taken to a court detention area, where a routine strip search was conducted by Oakland County Sheriff's Deputy Denise Regal.

    Regal found a small baggie Hyder had apparently concealed beneath a flap of excess skin.

    Upon examination, the deputy found it contained a small quantity of suspected cocaine and several pills, authorities say.

    While deputies say prisoners frequently try to smuggle drugs into the jail, this is the first time in recent memory someone tried to take advantage of body fat to do the job.

    Hyder is 5 feet tall and weighs 220 pounds, police said.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Mike Martindale
    The Detroit News

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  1. Potter
    Fucking gross.
  2. Valseedian
    and you'd rather take drugs that some guy had shoved up his ass??

    that'd be genius if it she got away with it.
  3. Synchronium
    Perhaps Potter was referring to the woman herself rather than where the drugs would have been.

    Anyone with enough fat in which to conceal things should put down the fuckin' fork.
  4. fuelBrain
    Swim's friend was really fat and used to hide bags of heroin inside his belly button which was promply covered by a roll of fat. The dealers always got a kick out of his.

    However, this lady obiouvly isnt all that intelligent, there is other orfacise she can hide the drugs, specifically ones that men dont have.
  5. chinpokomaster
    Wonder if they were rolls?

  6. Smirnoff
    wow never taught this kind of thing could happen....
  7. anonuser30500
    Even more disgusting are the child abuse charges.

    Glad she was nicked with drugs in that case.

    3 strike her for the pills for all Swim cares.
  8. SalvationArmy
    That was so disgusting....
  9. funkcentralstation
    At 5 feet and only 220 lbs, of course they found the drugs. Now that 500 lb Texan CD bootlegger who brought a gun into jail...There's a guy that knows how to use his folds!
  10. Birkill
    Glad sumone picked up on that bit, she might take drugs the same as us swims but as a person shes absolute scum for shit like that and she deserves any bad karma she recieves! Sorry had to be said!
  11. jgarlopa
    Cowboy reckons that 1/2 the drugs he's ever taken have been inside someone's ass at some point in time...:laugh:
  12. semaj
    swim would rather not think about it that way :s

    also wonder if maybe she got a confidence boost out of them being found.
    "..guess im not as fat as i thought i was"

    if your going to try and hide something under a flap or fat swim would think you would look in the mirror and maybe raise swiys arms to make sure it wouldnt be seen.
  13. niggaprecious
    that's the greatest thing i've ever hear hahaha.

    Well there's worse places women could hide drugs that potentially could end up in SWIY's nose :(
  14. questforstarfish
  15. BloodyMuffin
    actually, they're probably more likely to be found if she puts them in her "orifices". i mean how many people would think to lift up her fat?
  16. thebige
    Swim could see the possibilities that this woman had to choose from.
    She should have used .......that ass!
  17. cra$h
    ahh, people and their craftyness... wonder how exactly they found it. Would be funny as hell if they searched her rolls!
  18. yonez

    its common procedure to fully examine inmates entering jails, fat women rolls are not exempt from this procedure. pretty stupid of the woman honestly , she didn't think that they would lift those tries to find dirt in the wheel well?

    oh well, serves her right. stupidity is the devils best tool
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