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Woof Woof is the new Meow Meow

By Synchronium, Jun 28, 2010 | Updated: Jun 29, 2010 | | |
  1. Synchronium
    A NEW legal high similar to meow meow - nicknamed woof woof - is set to flood the streets of Britain.

    The drug, real name MDAI, is being sold online in the UK.

    One website markets it as "bubble bath" and sells it for £20 a gram. It has also been claimed it is four times stronger than its deadly predecessor. Meow meow - sold as plant food - was thought to have been responsible for the deaths of up to 26 teenagers chasing legal highs at parties.
    It led to a successful Sun-backed campaign calling on the Government to ban it.

    Meow meow was classified as a Class B drug in April. But it is feared woof woof could be as deadly, prompting calls for it to be made illegal, too.

    [Synch: Source name removed], based in Cambridge, sold meow meow online before the ban. It is now marketing the new high as bubble bath with free local delivery.
    By selling it as a bath product it can get round flimsy drug laws.
    Its website states: "Please note that the chemicals sold here are NOT for human consumption."

    Last night Tory Crime Prevention Minister James Brokenshire said the Government will fast-track bans on legal highs. He said: "We are going to change our drug laws so we can respond quickly to emerging substances by introducing a temporary ban while we seek full scientific advice."

    28/6/2010, The Sun



  1. gammabetalactone
    Umm, i thought vendor discussion was not allowed here...
  2. Synchronium
    I didn't say it was allowed, just that I'd seen it before.

    Anyway, I've removed the source from the article now, just to be safe.
  3. Alfa
    Vendor names in media articles are allowed. There has been one specific exception.
  4. Subvert
    This is just getting ridiculous...

    Surely not all those deaths were of teenagers / due to 4-MMC alone.

    SWIM doubts MDAI will ever be a popular substitute for Mephedrone,
    It's pleasant but not on par with the cathinones.
  5. Paradoxical Frog
    Well, I think that so far only one death has been proven to have a link and I believe that this was a man in his 40's who was injecting large amounts of 4-MMC. The two lads up in Lancashire whose deaths sparked the whole thing off have now been proven to have not even taken any 4-MMC in toxicology reports, so the fact that they're still bleating on about how "26 teenagers died" shows how much research these "journalists" actually bother to do..

    Their claims about MDAI being "4 times as strong" are preposterous and the alleged street name totally laughable. It wouldn't surprise me if the journalists involved actually already know that it's complete tripe but need a new story to scare the readers over their breakfast. Thank god you can look at barely legal tits a few pages beforehand to ease the pain :laugh:

    Personally, I'm looking forward to Oink Oink hitting the streets :laugh:
  6. KingMe
    but really, with reports like these rallying against any kind of drug even without simple research it's no wonder we see no progress towards a mature handling of research chemicals (let e drugs in general)
  7. One Eyed
    If they just fucking legalised weed there wouldn't be so many "teenagers chasing legal highs at parties" cos they'd be slumped in the corner feeling damn chilled.

    What next, the justified ancients of MOO MOO??
  8. ★sk8r grl hakr chic★
    Yeah! That's a fucking badge of honure. Being backed by a newspaper, that cater for the intellectually impared, entertaining them, with pictures of half naked woman on the third page, make up bullshit, racist stories about police banning england flags, not to mention basically every other story in there being bllshit. Makes me fucking sick, that this 'book of bollocks' has any influence on a fucking thing.
  9. day_sleeper
    personally i think mdai is crap! its nowhere near as strong as meph!
  10. PsychedelicPoet
    It's quite amusing how quick they jump to scare mongering. It's like Russell Howard's show on BBC 3 when he said how certain newspapers try the scaremongering. The thing is people are so ignorant that they actually believe the tripe that is printed.

    Oh and "Book of bollocks" completely had me in stitches!! :laugh:
  11. G_nome
    Funny that, as only tonight did swim notice that one vendor has started calling their NRG-1 "woof woof", oh dear.

    Swim just wishes he could find at least one vendor that calls the research chems they sell by their proper chemical name, not some daft, made up brand name. It sickens swim.
  12. Nigeljmills
    I work in this field and the sad thing is that there is no diret link to meow meow killing anyone. each case where a death was reported involved other substances such as methadone which was the contributing factor to the OD. the sun is sensationalist and ignorant to the truth. The Sun simply herd the weak minded no matter the truth. should have been called Baaa Baaa.
  13. Nigeljmills
    also NRG1 "Naphyrone" is also band, clinical tests discovered that the active ingredient was in fact meow meow "Mephadrone" which we know is a class b. looks like people have alot of old stock kicking about.
  14. Zentaurus41
    Obviously, as soon as you say something is going to be banned, people will just buy as much as they can afford. Either to sell at an inflated price because its illegal or to simply have their own supply.

    I really hate the media and its lies, but sadly its powerfull enough to influence the stupid and our own MP`s.
  15. Zontar
    Most journalists do little to no research when they write stories such as this. Their info usually comes from a government or police press release and the reporter simply "punches" the copy up a bit, provides some local viewpoint and then submits it to the editor. This is one reason why so many myths and misconceptions about drugs prevail despite the actual scientific information that is available for all to see.

    Oh yeah. Let's not forget the hysterical public whose knee-jerk attitude towards drugs and altering ones consciousness is practically always negative.
  16. maddog
    breath of fresh air, thanks for showing me that there are others who refuse to read the script of the bullshit film.
  17. RealGanjaMan
    Naphyone may be a band, although its also the name of a real chemical: naphthylpyrovalerone. And I believe the active ingredient (or one of the more prevalent ones) of NRG-1 was found to be MDPV, not Mephedrone.
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