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By Mr Bumble · Mar 19, 2014 ·
  1. Mr Bumble
    Been playing with this tonight, not finished but here it is anyway............

    I crave for simple but its complex, everything I say is out of context, always full of subtext. Twisted straight gets convex. Try to stay on point but points get blunted, I’m blunt and to the point, but points get lost and growth gets stunted.

    I live life like a bad cheque, I bounce from central to far left, I’m more far east than ski piset, but I still mine a dead mans mouth for gold teeth, I chew and chew but I still cant eat, get back on your feet, walk in sleep

    It’s like an AA meeting in a wine cellar or a blind bank teller, is that a girl or a fella?
    I couldn’t tell ya but I’ll still sell ya, a bible and a false dream, sucked into believing in pyramid schemes, investment in the future seems a waste when the average waist is bigger than the size of their ambition, a man on a mission, cut off in his tracks by the opposition, now stop, and state your position.

    .A snake oil seller a politician and a thief, hope and grief, a lack of self belief and no faith in anything or anyone and at any point, did I state my point. A state of mind is fluid, fluid flows like a river flows, flows like a lyric flows when the rhythm flows., hold on tight and watch the undertows, get sucked in and drowned in syndicated cable shows.

    If it doesn’t fit yeah we force it, like ram a fat girl in a corset. If we can’t afford it yeah we chores it, yeah on the black market where’s we’s scores it.

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