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  1. bewilderment
    "Some 200 million people, or 5 percent of the global population age 15-64, have used illicit drugs at least once in the last 12 months. Among this population are people from almost every country on earth. More people are involved in the production and trafficking of illicit drugs and still more are touched by the devastating social and economic costs of this problem. Partially a consequence of its pervasiveness and partially a consequence of the illicit and hidden nature of the problem, reliable analysis and statistics on the production, trafficking and use of illicit drugs are rare.

    The World Drug Report 2006 endeavours to fill this gap. It provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of illicit drug trends at the international level. In addition, it presents a special thematic chapter on cannabis, by far the most widely produced, trafficked and used drug in the world. The analysis of trends, some going back 10 years or more, is presented in Volume 1. Detailed statistics are presented in Volume 2. Taken together, these volumes provide the most up-to-date view of today's illicit drug situation."
    Then the article asks for people to take a survey. The report (broken into chapters) is available at the bottom of the page here:

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  1. Bajeda
    Thanks for posting this. I found the report very enjoyable to read, and it had some pretty interesting observations.

    I found particularly interesting the section on cannabis, and while I'm sure many marijuana enthusiasts will object to some of the comments made, I think it was a good read and at least is thought provoking. I disagree with the UNODC's perspective that prohibition is the way to reduce drug use, but agree somewhat that drug use overall should be reduced, mostly through education supporting responsible non-chronic use (which my friend swim finds hard with some substances).

    Anyways, while the report was a pretty good read and the mp3 interview (just posted in the file archive) with Ted Leggett wasn't bad, I was quite disappointed by the press release video on the site. The report itself was surprisingly objective and tried not to get any skewed results or come to hasty conclusions (though a few points about cannabis use I disagreed with, mostly towards the end and regarding treatment issues and such) but the video press release was even more surprising after reading the report as it actually tried to compare the dangers of using cannbis to those of using crack cocaine! I somehow doubt the same people who were involved in the research for the report were involved in the press video as all objectivity was lost in order to highlight the negatives discussed in the report.

    What to do...... What to do.....
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